Starfield players shocked by missing rewards for “useless” Research grind

Joaquín Frere
Starfield's laboratory.

The Starfield community is still hard at work grinding Bethesda’s huge space adventure. While tackling all its side content, they found out a certain task is not linked to any in-game rewards, and most are not pleased with the discovery.

Starfield is the latest adventure from Bethesda, and the Fallout development team built a huge game around space travel. During these adventures, players have encountered many dangers and side content that net amazing rewards.

While exploring space, many materials can be found, and most are used to craft new items in the Research Station. These are divided into different categories, varying from Food, Drinks, Weaponry, and Equipment.

Reddit user ‘fidelamos’ wasn’t happy when they finished all the Research Laboratory tasks, as they realized that no rewards were attached to its completion.

The OP stated that it was “crazy there’s no achievement award for completing this,” when sharing a screenshot of all the completed Research Laboratory tasks in Starfield. Another user quickly jumped to back up the OP and said: “…research methodology is kinda useless. XD.”

Not only did the community find out that completing all this Research seems not worth the grind, but the feature is also left untouched in the game’s NG+: “I really expected it to reset in NG+,” said user ‘waitingprey’ while another player who just started the second run added: “Holy crap that’s shocking.”

The conversation of the Research took another turn, and players ended up discussing the “whys” in the game, referring to features that feel off in Starfield: “Yeah, there’s a lot of why in this game. Why go NG+, when all it really does is set you back to no cash, no weapons, and a very middle ship that you can’t do anything to, just for some different discussion choices,” they said.

“I lost interest quickly on my second go,” stated a user who felt bored when finishing Starfield and starting the second playthrough. While the game may have its problems, the community still feels engaged with Bethesda’s latest adventure.

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