Bethesda reveals new Indiana Jones game

Nicholas Sakadelis

Bethesda is now officially working on an Indiana Jones video game.

Bethesda announced earlier today, January 12 that they are working on the next generation of Indiana Jones video games in tandem with Machine Games and newly-founded Lucasfilm Games, via a Twitter post.

The project will be executive produced by industry legend Todd Howard, who has previously produced iconic games such as Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Howard has been at Bethesda for over 25 years, so it’s safe to say the project is in experienced hands.

Possible Release Date

The release date is currently unclear. Bethesda has clarified that it will be some time before more information is made public, but they are excited to share that it’s in development.

Release Platforms

We expect this game to be an Xbox and PC exclusive, as Microsoft previously purchased Bethesda’s partner company, Zenimax Media for 7.5 Billion USD.

Lucasfilm Games Logo

Newly founded Lucasfilm Games to assist

This title will also be the first release from the new Lucasfilm Games studio, which will also assist in development. It’s unclear if that studio will also head future Star Wars titles since EA currently holds a license agreement to make games under the Star Wars IP.

As time continues we’ll be sure to learn more about the future of the new Indiana Jones game and Lucasfilm Games.