Pokemon Scarlet & Violet “zombie” Easter egg hints DLC villain is hiding in plain sight 

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon scarlet and violet teal mask dlc ogerpon, loyal three, and dokutaro lore

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask DLC has offered several hints about a mysterious and unrevealed ‘Peach’ Pokemon responsible for Kieran’s “odd behavior” and the Loyal Three’s villainous acts. Now, a player has found a jaw-dropping detail that others had never noticed before.

Journeying through the Kitakami region in the Teal Mask DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has led fans to question Kieran’s intentions, as the character dropped several hints about his true nature.

While the Teal Mask storyline initially labeled Ogerpon ‘evil’ and the Loyal Three as ‘heroes,’ the tables turned later as the Poison-type trio was revealed to be the real culprits.

But a recent datamine indicated Kieran’s involvement as well as another Pokemon, inspired by a peach, who is the real source of the toxic chain enslaving the Loyal Three. That’s not all, as the file name ‘zombie’ gives a dreadful insight into what may happen in the Indigo Disk DLC.

So when a keen-eyed player pointed out how a seemingly normal interaction in the DLC is extremely “suspicious,” others were convinced that they may be on to something sinister.

A user named ‘Ok-Constant-6056’ shared a post on Reddit that showed their interaction with an elderly shopowner in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask DLC, who says: “There’s a dusty old decoration of some sort mixed in with all the daily goods and things.”

The OP wrote: “No Granny stop lying,” while adding: “We all know you got that thing to brainwash Kieran, ain’t got a file name of ‘zombie’ for nothing. Just ask the Loyal 3.” Here, the trainer refers to the plush on display among the items, which is supposed to be ‘Dokutaro,’ the strange peach Pokemon.

A user highlighted the datamine finds while also pointing out a rather peculiar detail about the old lady.

“Basically that plush is the Pokemon responsible for the toxic chains and in the game files they found a bunch of characters called zombies, so he most likely will be able to control people. Also, one of these is actually called zombie Old,” the fan mentioned.

Players should know that the Loyal Three were allegedly killed by Ogerpon in the Kitakami lore. But, the trio were brought back from the dead and then controlled by an unknown power, essentially making the three Pokemon zombies.

With Dokutaro seemingly controlling the old lady as well as Kieran, it appears that the scary Pokemon has something disturbing planned for potential villain Kieran and the zombies once it is revealed in DLC part 2.

pokemon scarlet ans violet teal mask dlc storlyline that seems to show dokutaro
Several fans noticed ‘Dokutaro’ when the Teal Mask story was shown in the DLC.

If this wasn’t weird already, another person stated that Kieran probably got influenced by the “dusty old decoration” for the first time after trainers met him outside the shop.

Adding more fuel to the speculation, one of the comments read: “Granny is the real villain. She’s really Dokutaro in disguise!”

The Pokemon franchise is notorious for dropping various Easter eggs and hints that lead to major developments in subsequent games. Fans can’t wait to find all the answers to their questions in the much-awaited DLC part 2.

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