Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players split on identity of Teal Mask villain

Lucas Simons
Kieran in The Teal Mask DLC Pokemon S&V

Certain Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players are claiming that you’re actually the villain of the Teal Mask storyline. This bold claim has sparked debate within the community, so let’s find out what players had to say.

Villains have been part of the Pokemon franchise for ages since Giovanni and his Team Rocket crew debuted back in the 90’s. Lately, some of the villains in the core games have been less obvious in their nefarious goals.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the villain crew is not so villainous, and the Pokemon Professor turns out to be the true evil entity within the game.

Now, a Pokemon trainer has taken to Reddit after playing through Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Teal Mask DLC. They explained that the villain throughout the Kitakami school trip could be none other than your character.

Sada and Turo Pokemon Scarlet and Violet villains
Sada and Turo are the Pokemon Professors in Scarlet and Violet.

During your trip to Kitakami, you meet Carmine and Kieran. Carmine is cranky and imposing, and Kieran is passive, honest, and timid.

From the get-go, players get the impression of Carmine being the big baddie of the story, always bossing poor Kieran around, but Reddit user PokeCat56 has another theory about the story’s villain.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask player shares villain theory

Reddit user PokeCat56 revealed their thoughts on the story behind the newest DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, The Teal Mask: “I’m not done with the DLC yet, but I am not a fan of the story. It feels like I’m the villain.”

PokeCat56 explained their thoughts further: “Carmine is so mean to Kieran, and I don’t want to be on her side! I wish we could have told Kieran the real story, and there could be some kind of alternate story line… Well, I’ll see how it continues!”

If players stop and analyze several of the key plot points during the story, it clearly puts your character under the spotlight as a less-than-favorable individual. Carmine treats Kieran poorly during this Kitakami school trip adventure, and all that Kieran wants is to be friends with you and Ogerpon.

Carmine continues to treat her brother poorly, and focuses on being “your rival,” ignoring the fact that her brother wants to be friends with you. Then, you proceed to lie to Kieran over and over.

One player wrote in response: “This. Everyone wanted an option to tell the truth and I wanted an option to be like dude not cool you know I promised.”

However, many other players believe that Carmine did the right thing and that you’re not actually the villain: “Because she was worried about her brother and didn’t want him to feel like he was rejected by Ogerpon.”

Another player wrote: “It was ultimately a bad choice on her part, but she made it with good intentions.” So not everyone has the same opinion as the OP.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Teal Mask is just the beginning. We will have another chance to encounter Carmine and Kieran in the next DLC: The Indigo Disk. We’ll need to wait and see if you end up being the villain in that story too.

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