How to get Okidogi in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Teal Mask DLC

Souhardya Choudhury
Okidogi in Pokemon Scarlet and violetThe Pokemon Company

Okidogi alongside The Loyal Three can be a tough catch in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Teal Mask DLC. After all, catching Okidogi can give you a really powerful Poison-type Pokemon at your dispersal in the game.

The Teal Mask DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is finally here, and players all over the world have grabbed their Pokedex and made their way to catch the various new Pokemon across Kitakami. Alongside many popular Pokemon such as Phantump and Ambipom, Okidogi is yet another fan favorite that trainers just cannot ignore.

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Okidogi is a Poison-type Pokemon that can damage you significantly if you are not careful. So you will need a solid plan before moving on with your quest for catching it.

Here’s how to catch Okidogi in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Teal Mask DLC.

How to catch Okidogi in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask

Okidogi PokemonThe Pokemon Company
Okidogi is a part of The Loyal Three.

To get Okidogi in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask DLC, you must progress through the story of The Teal Mask DLC, challenge it and beat it once, and then return for a second opportunity to catch the Pokemon.

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Okidogi’s base stats in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are as follows:

  • HP: 88
  • Attack: 128
  • Defense: 115
  • Special Attack: 58
  • Special Defense: 86
  • Speed: 80

To catch Okidogi, follow these steps:

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  1. Chip its HP down gradually as you wait for it to become weak enough.
  2. A non-damaging status effect move would be essential such as Sleep or Paralysis.
  3. We recommend using Ultra Balls, but as the fight prolongs, you can also use Timer Balls to speed up the process.

Keep in mind that Okidogi’s Toxic Chain Ability can significantly damage you in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask. Toxic Chain grants Okidogi a 30% chance to badly poison you. So it is advised to stock up on Full Restores before engaging Okidogi in battle.

Also, it is weak against Ground, Flying, and 4x weak to Psychic-type moves, so keep this in mind too.

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Where to find Okidogi in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask

Okidogi will show up on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet map in the North West section of The Teal Mask’s Kitakami. Okidogi will be in the same area of the map where you first encountered and fought the Pokemon.

In your first encounter with Okidogi and the other members of the Loyal Three, you’ll be forced to battle them in their Titan forms and cannot catch them.

However, after getting Ogerpon and finishing the story of The Teal Mask, you can make your way to Okidogi’s location and fight it.

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