Pokemon Go players give up on ‘broken’ PvP battles after GBL left unplayable

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go pvp match in gbl

The Rediscover Pokemon Go updates have led to the Go Battle League taking a beating as PvP matches are facing more lag and glitches than before.

The Go Battle League (GBL) has been criticized for its frequent glitches by Pokemon Go players, but this PvP platform has hit a new low since the Rediscover campaign went live, as it’s become unplayable.

Trainers are unable to start PvP battles and even if they do, the annoying lag results in losses. This comes on top of more issues such as struggles with shiny hunting, beating Legendaries in Raids but missing the Pokemon encounter screen, and more.

A Reddit user named ‘camdaibayoday’ highlighted this in a post where they wrote that the Rediscover updates “broke GBL” as they called out the constant frame drops and lags during Fast and Charged moves, making it extremely difficult to battle, let alone win.

The OP even added that despite players reporting these problems and well-known Pokemon Go trainers voicing these concerns, devs Niantic has remained tight-lipped on them.

A user confirmed this by stating: “GO Battle League Known Issues page last updated 59 days ago,” prompting another to call this page a “long-running joke.”

pokemon go battle league screen
GBL lag often makes it impossible to use shields at the right time.

PvP veterans mentioned that they never had such issues before while “major lag spikes, holding for five or ten seconds” have become so common now that they know they lose at least two matches per set regardless.

The OP particularly talked about Android facing the brunt of these updates, but iPhone users claimed that they too are facing the same, even though they termed it “50/50.” Overall, Pokemon Go is in pretty bad shape ahead of Go Fest 2024, as the game’s 8th anniversary draws closer.

With powerhouses like the Dawn Wings and Dusk Mane fusions of Necrozma debuting in Pokemon Go, and players looking forward to using them in PvP, the community hopes GBL gets sorted soon.

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