Pokemon Go players rage quit PvP battles over “stressful” GBL meta

Niladri Sarkar
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PvP fans of Pokemon Go continue to have their woes with the Go Battle League (GBL) as the meta seems to have gotten worse to the extent that players feel like “slamming their phone,” but instead, end up rage-quitting the game.

The Go Battle League in Pokemon Go gives fans of the mobile game the opportunity to participate in PvP battles to battle opponents with their favorite Pokemon.

But unlike the mainline games, these battles in the mobile game have often been criticized for being monotonous, as players don’t have a captivating meta to explore.

Add the fact that GBL lags and glitches have been a common occurrence since the beginning of PvP, the community is mostly disappointed with them. With the latest GBL season in Pokemon Go bringing many updates and new moves, fans expected to see some improvement in their gameplay.

But it looks like the concerns with GBL remain the same, as players are rage-quitting the game while some have “given up on PvP.”

Pokemon Go players slam lags and glitches in “boring” PvP battles

Reddit user ‘Its-Spectral’ shared a post that took a hilarious jibe at players rage-quitting PvP battles in Pokemon Go. The player wrote: “Anyone else unlock this medal,” in reference to a fictional medal earned if you ‘Rage quit 1000 times in a PvP match.’

While the post was meant to be light-hearted, it invited numerous comments from players frustrated with the current state of the Go Battle League.

A user mentioned, “It’s so d*mn boring man, same teams every single battle. ML doesn’t stand for Master League, it stands for Metagross League.”

Players downright stated that PvP is “bad as it is,” while some added that they encountered glitches such as “3 shields” from the opponent “almost every day.” Some users could relate to this mishap as one put it, “Same I thought I was crazy for experiencing that so I just stopped playing PvP.”

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Trainers spend a ton of resources, like Stardust and Rare Candy XL, to max out Legendaries for PvP.

Facing three shields is certainly a shocking revelation as more players rage quit as they “100% challenged someone who has used 3 shields.”

Others added that they found PvP stressful in Pokemon Go due to other reasons, such as the opponent “immediately” using a Charged Move or fighting a team that “completely walls” them.

Though rage-quitting is not a practice encouraged by core players in any game, the sheer number of lags, glitches, and issues in Pokemon Go’s GBL battles seem to have left even PvP veterans with no other option.

However, if you’re looking to dominate in the Go Battle League, check out the current Raids schedule as well as the best attackers in Pokemon Go to pick species that win more PvP battles for you.

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