Pokemon Go GBL exploit gives free Ultra Beast without having to complete Raids

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go ultra beast blacephalon in the anime

With Blacephalon and Stakataka in Pokemon Go, PvP players can grab these popular Ultra Beasts without taking part in Raids, using a clever trick in the Go Battle League.

The Ultra Space Wonders event in Pokemon Go finally brought Blacephalon, Stakataka, and Naganadel into the game. While the first two Ultra Beasts are in 5-Star Raids, Naganadel can be easily obtained by evolving Poipole.

Beating Stakataka and Blacephalon is quite a task but some PvP players have figured out a smart way to grab them in their regions, without the trouble of taking on their Raids: Winning three out of five Go Battle League sets after Rank 20.

This is exactly what Reddit user ‘SableyeEyeThief’ did, grabbing a Blacephalon for themselves from GBL rewards within an hour of its release in Pokemon Go.

You should note that reaching Rank 20 in the GBL is not difficult, as you only have to get wins from as many battles as you can, without your progress dropping from losses.

That said, many struggle to earn victories after reaching this Rank, and at least three wins are needed to give you a chance at encountering the active Legendary/Ultra Beast in 5-Star Raids as a guaranteed reward.

But, a trainer came to the rescue and shared the remarkable GBL exploit: “Get to level 20, lose a bunch so your rank is low, then it’s easy to get 3/5, you’ll probably face 3 teams of 10cp mon.” This practice is called ‘tanking’ in Pokemon Go, and trainers usually do it during GBL Weekend events to grab tons of Stardust.

Another mentioned that PvP wins helped them catch the coveted Registeel from Go Battle League rewards, a top-notch pick for the Great and Ultra League formats.

With the World of Wonders season wrapping up on June 1, 2024, in Pokemon Go, use this GBL trick to get Stakataka in the Eastern Hemisphere and Blacepalon in the Western Hemisphere. While you’re at it, remember to drop a Lucky Egg and Star Piece to earn plenty of bonuses.

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