“Wild” Pokemon Go glitch completes GBL Timed Research in just one battle

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go battle league pvp formats

With the new Shared Skies Pokemon Go GBL Season in full throttle, a strange but well-known glitch awarding several free wins is back, with trainers still unable to decode it.

The Shared Skies Season in Pokemon Go has brought an exciting new Go Battle League (GBL) meta and trainers are grinding third with their strongest Pokemon to earn victories and rewards.

Each win in the GBL counts toward progress in the accompanying Timed Research where completing 100 victories gives mouth-watering rewards like Candy XL, TMs, and Stardust. But, many trainers complete all of this at once, thanks to a popular glitch.

One such trainer is Reddit user ‘Poison_Nectar’ who was rewarded 58 wins for GBL Research from just one win. They faced lag in their Great League: Summer Cup Edition bouts before instantly securing the free wins.

Several users mentioned that they’d got such free wins as well, and wished they knew how to recreate the “wild” GBL victory haul.

Fans commented: “This is a well-known glitch. This happens if the game starts lagging the exact moment you win” and “Happened to me last season, game lagged out just as I was finishing off their last Pokemon. Restarted the game and got +100 wins.”

Many were curious if they could “purposely trigger” the happy glitch in the Pokemon Go Battle League, and others replied that it happened while “playing in a place with bad network” or after the screen freezes when throwing a Charged Move that KOs the opponent.

While most GBL glitches are notorious for ruining the PvP gameplay, the community celebrated this welcome lag that works in their favor. Also, with the glitch being present Season after Season, fans wouldn’t mind running into it more often.

In the meantime, if you are looking for some top-notch Go Battle League picks in Pokemon Go, check out how to get Zygarde, Mewtwo, Annihilape, and Togekiss.

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