Pokemon Go players beg for overhaul to “terrible” PvP mode

Niladri Sarkar
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The Go Battle League has been around in Pokemon Go for nearly four years, but players are still not happy with the PvP mechanics, including the battles and meta, calling them “boring.”

The Go Battle League (GBL) of Pokemon Go lets players use their strongest Pokemon across three competitive PvP formats against various opponents. Winning more battles helps trainers climb the ranks and earn attractive rewards.

But, unlike battles in the mainline games, fans have never really warmed up to the GBL in Pokemon Go for various reasons, as they mention some updates that could make these PvP bouts more exciting.

A Reddit user named ‘h0117_39’ shared a post captioned with: “Possible unpopular opinion: I hate PvP” and elaborated that they “simply don’t care for it” while suggesting that Pokemon Go should come up with more in-game trainers to battle since the “mechanics are there.”

The post resonated with many Pokemon Go players who joined the bandwagon and slammed Niantic for the current state of PvP with comments such as: “Not unpopular. I spent the first few years really struggling as I have a crap internet connection. But whenever it did work I just didn’t find it all that fun.”

Another added: “After doing PVP somewhat competitively in the main series, the PoGo PVP is just horrible. Madly tapping, hoping lag doesn’t interfere with the charge move, lack of strategy, and general instability kills any desire to do it.”

Even those who try to enjoy PvP highlighted their frustrations. “I love the teambuilding aspect but absolutely hate the incessant finger tapping. Why isn’t there an option to auto fast attack and only require input for charge moves, shields, and swapping? I would PvP daily if that existed,” a user wrote.

pokemon go battle league
The constant tapping has been criticized by Pokemon Go players for years now.

Others pointed out the limited meta in GBL. “PvP is so terrible. The meta is so narrow that there’s pretty much a guarantee you won’t be able to succeed with your favorite Pokemon,” a player mentioned. “You have you use the same pool of 30 ‘mon everyone else is using and it feels terrible.”

Trainers also mentioned that “there’s absolutely no skill (or fun, imo) in repeatedly tapping” and stated that “it’s grindy, repetitive, boring. What’s there to like?” as they hope to see some updates to the entire PvP scene in Pokemon Go.

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