Pokemon Go PvP player gets 100 “free wins” from Go Battle League glitch

Niladri Sarkar
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Winning Pokemon Go battles in the Go Battle League is no easy task, but a player got extremely lucky by getting 100 free PvP wins out of the blue without even battling, and it looks like this has happened with others as well.

The Go Battle League (GBL) in Pokemon Go lets PvP fans test their battling skills alongside their favorite Pokemon in the mobile game.

One of the biggest motivations for participating in the GBL is the impressive set of rewards that can be obtained from winning battles. This also includes the season-exclusive GBL Timed Research that gives tons of Stardust after getting a certain number of victories.

So when a player got 100 GBL victories without taking part in any battles, fellow players couldn’t help but get “jealous” of the feat, but it appears that there’s more than meets the eye.

Pokemon Go player scores 100 free GBL wins without doing any PvP battles

Reddit user ‘PostModSleaze’ shared a post about getting 100 Go Battle League wins registered in the game after the Pokemon Go app froze during a PvP battle.

Funnily enough, the OP didn’t have to participate in any of those battles and got free wins alongside all the Stardust rewards once the game was back on track.

While this “glitch” sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime thing to happen, several users chimed in with comments highlighting a similar experience: “This happened to me once too. I wish I knew how to replicate it!”

Other comments included: “Same here! A lot of stardust for free is always accepted,” and: “This exact thing happened to me last year and I was so confused!!”

Even though these players have had the same experience, they were clueless about the reason behind it, but another user had a logical answer to the puzzle:

“It’s something to do with the game stalling at the exact moment you give the killing blow to the opponent’s last team member. If it happens at the right time, the game keeps repeatedly sending a signal to the GBL research that you just won a game. Once you reach 100 it stops looping, as there is no longer a check required.”

pokemon go pvp go battle league match between dialga and lugia in the master league
Most GBL glitches tend to appear right before or after a Pokemon uses a Charged Move.

Glitches in the Go Battle League aren’t new to Pokemon Go, but this is one of those rare occasions where a GBL glitch seems to actually benefit the player.

It remains to be seen if this helpful Pokemon Go GBL glitch is here to stay, but in the meantime, you can check out if there are any PvP-relevant Pokemon in the Spotlight Hour events as well as the Community Day of this month.

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