Pokemon Go players call out Niantic for “clickbait” Great Storage Box

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go Store Boxes

Pokemon Go’s In-Game Store offers a lot of boxes at a discounted price for players. But this time, players have called out one of the packs for its “clickbait” name.

Most of the time, when you see a Pokemon Go offer in the store, it’s something that has great value or, at least, a high percentage of discount. Store items are incredibly useful, more so now that Adventures Abound has brought a new Master Ball research.

This time, the problem is not the price, nor the value of the offered items, but the name of the box itself which has players calling out Niantic again.

It all started with Reddit user MaceArmani posting about the name of the “Great Storage Box” on a thread, accusing Niantic of offering the “Most Clickbait Name of a Box” in their In-Game Store.

Immediately, players reacted to the post by calling out the name of the package because they were expecting it to contain Storage Upgrades, but instead, was filled with other items: “Its called the great storage box but only has 1 storage upgrade and a bunch of irrelevant items.”

One of the players wrote: “Probably expect it to be a 4 or 5 storage upgrade bundle but nope.” Another disappointed user said: “I felt scammed just by clicking on it.”

But other players seem to agree that the box, never mind its name, still offers good value for the price of 675 PokeCoin: “Honestly this is such a good box for me since I need all 3 of those things rn.”

Another player said: “At least it has more incubators than the “hatch” box.” Naming conventions aside, the opinions of the players seem divided, although most of them agree on one thing: the name of the Box doesn’t match the items it contains.

We will wait and see if Niantic corrects this, whilst it is unlikely that this will occur. In the meantime, you can also check our Spotlight Hour Schedule and our Ultra Unlock: Paldea guide.

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