Pokemon Go players praise “insane” Raid Box with best value since nerf

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go ultra raid box

The Ultra Raid Box in the Pokemon Go store has caught the attention of several players who called it one of the best deals they’d ever seen in the mobile game.

To enjoy an amazing grind in Pokemon Go, players often need to buy in-game items to catch more Pokemon easily or to make quicker progress to be the best like no one ever was.

That’s why Boxes are highly sought-after by the community, as they offer multiple useful items in one package. That said, these Boxes are usually slammed by fans as they don’t appear to justify the cost of PokeCoins used.

But a new Ultra Raid Box has been applauded by players after a Reddit user named ‘Flushy_14’ shared the details of the Box in a post titled: “Is this the best box for in-person raid?”

With 50x Premium Raid Passes and 10x Max Revives at only 2750 PokeCoins, several users gushed over the Box in the comments section. Players loved the Ultra Raid Box, as they commented: “This is very worth” and “Easily the best deal. The best I’ve seen in a long, long time.”

Fans urged the OP to go for it as they stated that they “can’t remember ever seeing it that cheap,” as the community has constantly called out Niantic for making Remote Passes expensive.

To show just how good the said Box is, a player detailed the cost and value. “This is 55 coins per pass, the best we can get out of the random daily boxes is 62.5 per pass (625 for 10 passes) if you care only about green passes, this is the best in a while,” they explained.

Additionally, a person elaborated on how Pokemon Go trainers can make the most out of this “insane” box of Premium Passes. “They can be used for PVP but green passes can also be used (and were originally only used) to do raids in-person. You have your one free orange pass every day and then use greens to continue doing more raids.”

While this Box was not present in everyone’s in-game store, it seems to be slowly appearing based on timezones.

All set to use these Premium Passes? Then check out the current Raids schedule in Pokemon Go and how the Party Play feature can help you win them more easily.

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