Pokemon Go players reveal easy tips to complete “insane” Master Ball tasks

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A Research quest to get a second Master Ball in Pokemon Go has players hooked, but many feel that some tasks are difficult to complete. However, players have shared a few simple tricks to complete the challenges easily.

The Timed Investigation: Master Ball Research quest has captured the attention of the Pokemon Go community as it gives them the opportunity to grab the elusive Master Ball in the game. This special Pokeball gives a 100% catch rate on any Pokemon and fans will no doubt want to grab it as soon as possible.

However, some of the tasks included in the Research quest can be daunting, leaving many worried that they’ll be unable to complete the quest in time. But when a Pokemon Go player posted on Reddit about this challenge, several other users came to the rescue with some useful tips to get the job done.

Pokemon Go players share simple tricks to complete all Master Ball tasks

After Pokemon Go player ‘targaryen0125’ made a Reddit post asking, “This is insane right?” for the ‘Win 60 Raids’ Master Ball task, several others could relate to the OP’s dilemma as they only have around 80 days to complete the entire quest.

Luckily, some fans responded with some helpful advice on completing the tasks without too much effort.

While most Pokemon Go players avoid using too many Berries, one reply outlined a tip to complete the ‘Make 120 Excellent Throws’ task.

The player in question suggested: “Using a Nanab however you spell the Pokemon banana, it will help by making the Pokemon stand still, it also does not increase the chance of catching at all, so there’s a tip.”

Regarding Raids, others mentioned that the free daily Raid pass can help them complete the task within 60 days. A user wrote, “I’ve been using my daily passes on like stupid 1-star raids for this.”

Another added, “You get a free raid pass every day so if you don’t have a big community to raid you can do a one-star raid every day and complete this task absolutely for free.”

You should know that 1-Star Unown Raids will happen throughout the first half of September and they can be easily defeated by using Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon.

Some also highlighted the difficulty of finding 1-Star Raids in their areas and to this, a couple of users suggested Campfire, a Niantic-made app that lets players connect with others and locate Raids in and around their location.

One reply said, “If you haven’t installed Campfire then you should give it a try, huge help for finding raids. You can browse raids by scrolling around the map.”

Another comment read: “Do you have access to Campfire? I find it extremely useful for finding one-star raids nearby and planning walks/trips.”

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Campfire connects with your Pokemon Go account and lets you connect with your Friends and find Raids around you.

Players concerned about the ‘Hatch 60 Eggs’ task got a clever recommendation about taking advantage of Pokestop Showcases.

“As long as you get a couple extra incubators over the next few months either through rewards (like a showcase) or through spending coins those eggs will add up quickly and make things very manageable.”

Egg Incubators are one of the common rewards from Showcases and with many of those lined up for September, you can use these items to hatch multiple 2km Eggs quickly.

The tasks involved in the Master Ball quest are definitely challenging but it’s all worth the reward of obtaining the rare Master Ball. With more than two months to complete the Research, players can take on the tasks one day at a time and get them done easily.

In the meantime, you can check out the current Pokemon Go Raids schedule to plan your Raid Battles task and how you can grab Remote Raid passes in the game.

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