Pokemon Go players sick of repetitive “trash” Research Mon in January 2024

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go 7 day research box reward furfrou

The 7-day Research Box in Pokemon Go gives players an encounter with a rare species in the game but it looks like fans have had enough of one particular Pokemon that is all set to reappear in January 2024 as well.

Research tasks are an important part of Pokemon Go as they help players encounter several Pokemon, get in-game items, and collect Stardust.

Doing this regularly counts towards a 7-day streak each week, which rewards them with a Research Box consisting of a species that are typically rare spawns in the wild.

While these Research Boxes once gave Legendaries, they have been rewarding other Pokemon for years. Still, fans usually don’t mind them much due to the chance of encountering Bagon, Larvitar, and others that have use in PvP and PvE.

But there’s one Pokemon that the community is tired of seeing in Research Boxes every month and that’s Furfrou.

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit highlighted the Raids and events scheduled in January for fans of the mobile game and emphasized that those who couldn’t complete the Season of Legends Special Research tasks involving Landorus, Tornadus, and Thundurus, can finally get them done and dusted.

While Pokemon Go trainers are happy with the news, a large section of users expressed their disappointment with Furfrou being among the pool of Research Box rewards for many months now.

Annoyed players took a jibe at Furfrou with comments such as “Furfrou is moldy dumpster beans” and “It’s so trash.”

Another wrote: “Can we ditch Furfrou from research boxes already? It is just so annoying to get after a week of collecting stamps for it.”

Even trainers who love Furfrou couldn’t help but admit how bad Furfrou as one put it, “It’s just… not good, in any way. Average at best CP, awful PvP moveset, etc. I love the thing but it is poor.”

If there’s anything positive about the underwhelming Pokemon encounter it’s that Furfrou can be shiny but even that doesn’t seem to be much of an appeal among fans. “Immediately after I get a shiny Furfrou is the moment when I’d hope to never see it again ANYWHERE and no matter if it is shiny or not,” a user declared.

Another post captioned with: “Honey! It’s time for your weekly Furfrou!” “Yes dear…” invited similar comments from users.

A trainer stated: “All my homies hate Furfrou” while another mentioned: “This thing right here makes me so mad.”

It’s evident that the Pokemon Go community isn’t too pleased with Furfrou recurring every month in the Research Box pool, and changing that to a meta-relevant species would certainly be received well.

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