Pokemon Go players disappointed with “garbage” reward for 14-stage Research grind

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go timeless travels special research

After completing 14 grueling stages of the Timeless Travels Special Research in Pokemon Go, players were expecting something better from the final reward, which has left many disappointed.

The Timeless Travels season of Pokemon Go brought exclusive Special Research focused on catching and hatching Pokemon, collecting in-game items, battling Team Go Rocket members and Giovanni, and so much more!

All these tasks were divided over 14 stages and fans who were finally able to complete the quest were promised rewards including 5000 XP, 5000 Stardust, and an encounter with a certain species. But it looks like the community was not happy when they discovered the said Pokemon.

After Reddit user ‘Floridaboii91’ shared a post showing a screengrab of the final stage of the Timeless Travels Special Research and wrote: “All that for a 2-star Gible,” several fellow trainers chipped into the comments section to express their disappointment.

Frustrated Pokemon Go players commented: “I thought I’d clicked the wrong thing when I got that garbage reward” and “I feel ur pain bro.” Another disappointed fan added: “Playing for years I am not surprised with the rewards now.”

Gible goes on to evolve into Garchomp, a powerful Pseudo Legendary Pokemon that also has an excellent Mega Evolution. While the reward itself is meta-relevant, users pointed out why it was still unacceptable.

“We had Community Day so another dozen shiny Gibles. All that tasks and research and time. For a ******* Gible at the end,” a trainer stated, highlighting that many have a level 50 Garchomp by now.

To this, a player mentioned: “The quests were a ton of fun, and beating Giovanni for the first time was too, but it wouldn’t hurt to throw in something a bit rarer at the end,” as Pokemon like Baxcalibur, Kommo-o, and Volcarona are more sought-after now.

But it looks like some players are taking respite in catching a different Pokemon from the quest, which they feel is a better reward, as one put it, “They could have done better. Guess the payoff was really Shadow Kyogre!”

If you’re looking for rarer Dragon-types, here’s how to get Frigibax and Jangmo-o in Pokemon Go.

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