Pokemon Go players sick of “pointless” Routes & Party Play Research quest grind

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go routes and party play research

The Pokemon Go Special Research involving the much-hyped Routes and Party Play features appears to have no takers as a large section of players are simply not interested in completing them, as they feel the quests are “not worth the trouble.”

Routes and Party Play were two of the biggest additions to Pokemon Go in 2023, with the features helping players collect Zygarde Cells, change forms of the Legendary Zygarde, and take on Raids with boosted damage to the attacks of their Pokemon.

But both these features had their fair share of hiccups as the community frequently ran into several issues with them.

Pokemon Go then added two Special Research quests, each focusing on these features, and it looks like it has only added to the woes of many trainers who have “no desire” to complete them.

Reddit user ‘FunPunCake’ posted screengrabs of the ‘A Route to New Friendships’ and ‘Welcome Party’ Special Research quests and wrote: “Who Else Isn’t Gonna Beat These?” as well as “I have the friends and location to do it, I just don’t care enough about Routes or Party Play to do so.”

The post led to comments from many Pokemon Go trainers, who were on the same boat as the OP regarding the two Research quests.

Frustrated players mentioned that they have no interest in completing them, as they commented: “I still have these with no desire to do them. I’m level 50” and “If I could delete I would.”

That’s not all as even those who have completed the challenges claim that they aren’t “worth the trouble.”

“And just think. That’s only page 1 of the party challenges. You need 100 total to finish off the research. I got tired of looking at the research and blazed through it in like a week. It was a horrible grind,” a user said.

The Routes Research includes the NPC (non-playable character) Mateo, but fans feel that “Mateo is pretty pointless for people” as “the rewards are way too small.”

While some players found the Routes Research doable, they still weren’t fans of the Party Play challenge.

These trainers commented: “The Routes was easy and fun, the Party challenges is something I really don’t care for” and “Honestly, I love Routes and already got it. Party Play though… yeah that kinda sucks.”

It appears that the Pokemon Go community won’t warm up to these two Research challenges anytime soon as they are not too high on the grueling tasks and underwhelming rewards.

If you’re not taking on the Research tasks, you can check out other stuff such as PokeStop Showcases and the latest disguises of Ditto in Pokemon Go.

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