Pokemon Go players shocked by “horrible” shiny Community Day Mon evolution

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go community day shiny happiny, chansey, and blissey

The Chansey Community Day gave Pokemon Go players the opportunity to get themselves the shiny versions of this iconic Gen 1 species and its evolutions, but one particular shiny left many fans devastated when they found out how it looked.

February 2024 hosted the Egg Pokemon Chansey in the fan-favorite Community Day event in Pokemon Go and players were excited to get the shiny version of Chansey as well as its evolution, Blissey, though the exclusive move didn’t make it any better in PvP or PvE.

With shiny rates being boosted, fans managed to catch several Chansey, both shiny and 100 IV, giving them some great additions to their collection.

But after a trainer with the username ‘Fast_Ranger9167’ on Reddit evolved a super rare Shundo (shiny and 100 IV) Chansey into Blissey, they were distraught, as evident from their post titled: “First shundo. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE WARN ME OF HOW BAD THE EVOLVE LOOKED.”

Pokemon Go players chimed in with their comments, agreeing with the OP on how disappointing shiny Blissey is, especially because it looks very similar to the non-shiny version while shiny Chansey looks drastically different with its green color.

Users trolled shiny Blissey with comments such as: “Blissey looks horrible shiny” and “The shinies with just a slight difference in color sucks.”

It turns out many trainers, like the OP, had no idea how shiny Blissey looked. “I didn’t know either and I’ve been playing since the game came out. When I evolved it today I was so disappointed. I was just thinking it would stay with the same color palette,” one of them stated.

To this, a fan shared a helpful tip to avoid such instances in the future. “I’m sorry. Tip for the future is: Google the shiny evolutionary line of the shiny Pokemon you get before you evolve. It’s helped me a lot with my evolution decisions.”

But it turns out that the shiny is not the only reason to keep your Community Day grabs as a Chansey, since it is a better Gym Defender than Blissey, though the latter has more HP.

“Chansey have significantly lower CP so lower motivation decay rate. Your Blissey’s CP will fall down to 5-600 after 6-7 hours without feeding berry and it will only take a single battle to knock them out. Chansey have much lower motivation decay rate which means after 8 hours it might still take 2-3 battles to knock them out,” a player explained.

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