Pokemon Go players inspired by trainer’s “evil” collection

Luca Di Marzo
Pokemon Go annihilape

There’s an abundance of Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go, and some players have resorted to naming and organizing their collections by theme. Players shared their favorites after one avid collector revealed their “evil” collection in Pokemon Go.

With each season new Pokemon are added to Pokemon Go, expanding on the already massive amount of species in the mobile game. The new World of Wonders season brought debuts for Poipole and Charcadet, with more expected to arrive within the season.

New Ultra Beasts have also been teased to debut in Pokemon Go. With so many Pokemon to catch, some players have resorted to creating themed collections based on unique characteristics. One player took to Reddit to share what players are calling an “evil” collection.

Each Pokemon caught in Pokemon Go has its own CP value, and some players use that number to organize specific collections. In this case, the OP put together an extensive collection of Pokemon with CP of 666, even using devilish nicknames for each one.

As you can see from the Reddit post, the OP has a huge collection of Pokemon with 666 CP, and they used nicknames like “Deadlyursa” and “Eevilee” to highlight the evil group.

Players were quick to praise the unique collection, with one saying, “Their names are awesome lmao,” and another picking out their favorite of the bunch, “Be’elzabébé is absolutely brilliant lol.”

While most players were amused by the nicknames, others took the opportunity to share their own themed collections that they’d been working on: “My list is not Found. All cp404.”

One player admitted to putting together a “spheal team 6 collection,” which caused quite a stir of laughter in the replies.

Now’s your chance to start working on your own themed collection in Pokemon Go

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