Pokemon Go players ‘frustrated’ as rare Legendary keeps fleeing despite Excellent Throws

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go legendary azelf

Catching Legendaries from Pokemon Go Raids is no easy task but one particular member of the Lake Guardian trio is giving trainers a hard time despite their best efforts to capture it.

With several Gen 4 Pokemon in the wild, Field Research rewards, and Raids of Pokemon Go, trainers are leaving no stone unturned in catching ’em all as they enjoy the Road to Sinnoh event.

That said, the community is more excited to catch the various Legendaries in 5-Star Raids, and some of the most sought-after grabs are the three Lake Guardians: Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit. Azelf is the most popular and PvE meta-relevant of the trio, but it looks like trainers are incredibly frustrated with it.

This emerged after a user named ‘ZeligD’ asked, “How was day 3 of Global Road to Sinnoh for you?” in a Reddit post, where they ranted about Azelf Raids being impossible to tackle due to an extremely small catch circle, lack of shinies found, and high flee rate.

When players expressed regret over losing Azelf for not landing the best throws in Pokemon Go, a player said, “That’s OK. I just lost an Azelf despite hitting at least 2 excellent curve balls with a golden razz active.”

That’s not all as fans lucked out even with critical catch attempts. “Haha got the critical catch graphic, and the Azelf proceeded to jump out of the ball. And then it ran away,” one user mentioned.

Even a trainer who managed to catch Azelf recalled that they had a close shave as the Raid Boss broke out of the Premium Ball 12 out of 14 times.

More people highlighted how it was “utterly frustrating” to get this fan-favorite Pokemon from Raids, but some PvP players who were at or above Rank 20 in the Go Battle League got a guaranteed Azelf as their reward for winning three battles of a set.

As you wait for the Pokemon Go Sinnoh Tour, here’s how to beat Dialga Origin and Palkia Origin Raids.

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