Pokemon Go players praise Niantic for “huge win” on Showcase update

Ezequiel Leis
Pokemon Go trainers and Pikachu PhD

The Pokemon Go World of Wonders season brought new elements to the mobile experience, and players are praising Niantic for the rare win.

After a season full of events and debuts, Pokemon Go finally kicked off the World of Wonders season to keep trainers busy. The March 2024 schedule is packed with Raids and events, as well as important debuts and rewards to claim. While there’s still much to discover about the new season, players are already celebrating the latest update.

Starting March 1, 2024, Pokemon Go players can earn different Pikachu PhD-themed cosmetics by winning different amounts of PokeStop Showcases. Previously, players could only win items like Egg Incubators, Star Pieces, or Lucky Eggs with the Showcase feature. Now, many are celebrating this addition, as it gives them something to work toward.

Reddit user ‘Foulmouth232’ stated “The Showcase update is a rare, but HUGE win for Niantic,” and celebrated the new content since it’s “an update that adds another straightforward GOAL to the game.”

The trainer listed the reasons why they think it’s the best update in a while, including it’s “not pay to win or monetized,” and “it doesn’t rely on having others to play with you.” The change also “gives the non-meta Pokemon a chance to be relevant, even if temporarily.”

Ultimately, ‘Foulmouth232’ stated it’s “something that you can work towards by actively playing the game, but at your own pace and when it suits you.” What’s more, the rewards are not just Medals that have no use in the game, but brand-new cosmetics and even an encounter with a unique Pokemon. “I’d love to see them do this with more medals— encounters vs swag/avatar items,” commented one player.

Many users gathered to praise Niantic for the PokeStop Showcase update. “AND it’s easier for rural players to win contests so for once, they are advantaged,” mentioned another player, to which many agreed. Rural players don’t have as many PokeStops as trainers in big cities, but that means there aren’t many players submitting Pokemon to those Showcases.

To this, the OP answered: “It’s like their intent was to make the game more enjoyable and fair, which doesn’t seem to be the case very often.”

PokeStop Showcases in Pokemon Go
PokeStop Showcases were introduced in 2023.

The latest season of Pokemon Go added other QoL updates players are still discovering. For example, players can now activate a Lucky Egg when they level up their friendship with other trainers. This allows players to double the XP they get from leveling up without the need to coordinate the perfect timing with friends.

We’ll make sure to keep you up to date with the latest Pokemon Go news so you don’t miss important QoL updates.

In the meantime, you can check out some of the activities coming with the World of Wonders season of Pokemon Go, like more Ultra Beasts debuting soon and Shadow Raikou debuting in Raids on the weekends.

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