Pokemon Go players divided on “overused” costumed Pikachu spawns

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go costumed pikachu spawn

Costumed Pikachu is more or less a regular occurrence in Pokemon Go, with some fans “tired” of seeing it in every event. But there’s also a section of players who can’t get enough of the “cute” spawns of this iconic Pokemon.

Every Pokemon Go player wants to catch ’em all, and so they grind to add all available Pokemon to their Pokedex. To get a full-fledged collection, trainers also need to capture different variants of certain species, and this includes costumed Pokemon.

But no other creature in the mobile game has got as many costumed versions as the very mascot of the franchise, Pikachu.

Costumed Pikachu gets featured in every other event in Pokemon Go, and many in the community seem to be no longer interested in seeing more of this fan favorite.

On the other hand, others love costumed Pikachu and can’t stop gushing about it despite their repeated appearance in the game.

A user named ‘Phantom579’ shared a post on Reddit and wrote: “I’m so tired of Pikachu costumes” while summing up their frustration: “The main issue is that they take up potential spawns and task rewards. Obviously, I can choose not to catch them or to transfer them. At least if they were less common, more variety could spawn.”

The post led to comments from several users, split on whether they love or hate costumed Pikachu spawns in Pokemon Go.

Players expressed their disapproval of the “overused” spawns by commenting: “I’m not really a costumed Pokemon fan to begin with so I’m tired of all the costumes” and “Costume Pokemon in general are just stupid.”

One user even went on to say: “My least favorite Pokemon of all time – Pikachu. Worthless, Overhyped and Super annoying,” before another remarked: “I just don’t want to see it.”

But there’s another group of Pokemon Go trainers who are all in when it comes to more costumed Pikachu.

“My GF is hyped for costume Pikachu’s,” a fan stated as another included: “But every time there’s a new one I get to be like ‘Hey look!’ to my girlfriend and she’ll tell me it looks cute.”

In fact, one player mentioned: “I love the costumed Pokemon. They’re so cute!” while a person also acknowledged: “I mean the Pikachu event shinies always end up being the ones that are the most searched for.”

Pikachu holds a cult status, and regardless of how many Pokemon Go events its costumed version gets featured in, it looks like there will always be players who’ll catch them.

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