Highly anticipated Pokemon Go feature is “terrible” after years of wait

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go avatar customization

Pokemon Go players can finally customize their in-game avatars with the update slowly rolling out worldwide. But, no one is fond of how they now look in Pokemon Go, with some even saying that they “hate” the update.

Being able to personalize avatars in Pokemon Go has been a highly requested feature since the beginning of the game. With an update slowly bringing this to all trainers, everyone was eager to have their avatars look more like their real selves and adventure with their favorite Pokemon.

Sadly, much like other controversial features like Routes and Party Play, avatar customization is being met with uproar among the community.

When a Reddit user named ‘OOFTMuzz’ shared their brand-new avatar after the update and stated that they looked like a 12-year-old kid, fellow trainers called out devs Niantic for how “horrible” it was.

Users commented: “Ah Niantic. Making the worst character designs EVEN WORSE” and “I was so excited when they announced these new updates. How did they manage to f**k it up THIS bad.”

Others highlighted parts of the new model that didn’t make sense to them. “They didn’t even fix the mesh for the t-shirt?? lol what a joke,” a trainer wrote before another question about how the Pikachu was even able to stand on the avatar’s shoulder.

Avatar designs are a beloved aspect of Pokemon Go, and this update took many fans off-guard. “It looks terrible, this might be my reason to quit the game.”

Even though it is yet to be available in most parts of the world, the community is begging for a detour, as a player chimed in, “I just logged and looked at my character face and was like… Wtf happened. New faces look awful, at least let me go back to the old model.”

It remains to be seen if these models are final or will be improved based on player feedback before being available globally.