Pokemon Go players roast Niantic for “annoying” code redemption requirements

Lucas Simons
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A group of Pokemon Go players has gathered to slam Niantic on its most recent promotional code giveaway, which requires players to register on an external site.

Pokemon Go is having a great roll with its Timeless Travels season catching fire, as Niantic releases more and more content, and the fans gather to catch ’em all. But new Pokemon species are not the only things that the devs offer to their players.

Promotional codes have been rolled out throughout the six years of Pokemon Go, and players have always used the in-game store to redeem them. However, it would seem that Niantic is changing this system for good.

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That’s why players have gathered to roast Niantic about this decision, which forces players to get into an external site to redeem promotional codes and has spurred the anger of the fans. “Well that’s st**d… Why make it harder?” an angry player stated.

Other players quickly raised their voices to complain and not just about the code redeeming changes as Pokemon Go users also believe that the code rewards are just not worth it. “Rewards suck. Having to do extra steps for just some berries is an insult,” a fan stated.

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Some Pokemon Go fans even went so far as to seriously question the decision: “This is just annoying. Why do they do this?”

Meanwhile, another Reddit user explained what they believe is the cause for the change in the policy: “It has to do with licensing and how microtransactions work now. It’s easier and cheaper to just send you to a website rather than sharing a cut of every offer with Google/apple.”

So there you have it, Niantic is changing the way Pokemon Go players redeem their promotional codes. For more information about Pokemon, you can check why players believe Hisuian Decidueye has become a meme, and also, what this player did to catch a shiny Pokemon.

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