Pokemon Go players reveal “handy” trick to sort unique Pokemon forms

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go special forms of pikachu, unown, vivillon, and pumpkaboo

There are many species in Pokemon Go that have various forms based on their size, appearance, or even fashion accessories. While everyone loves the variety, sorting them out can be a nightmare. Now, a few fans have revealed a trick to sort them easily, bringing a sigh of relief to the community.

In the quest to catch ’em all, Pokemon Go fans not only have to capture every Pokemon in the game but also add the different forms of some species to the PokeDex.

When it comes to choosing particular species for PvP and PvE, evolution, or completing Research tasks, almost everyone has a hard time sorting out the Pokemon they need at that moment.

This has been a long-standing cause of frustration among the community but it looks like some keen-eyed fans have discovered an amazing QoL (Quality of Life) feature in Pokemon Go that solves this issue and makes sorting Pokemon forms simple.

Pokedex feature that fans “never thought of” can sort Pokemon Go forms quickly

User ‘flippycipher’ shared a post on Reddit that showed a collection of Pumpkaboo arranged as per the Pokedex number filter in Pokemon Go and wrote: “FYI sorting the Pumpkaboo by number sorts them by size.”

Pumpkaboo is a Halloween-themed species that appears in different sizes, similar to pumpkins in the spooky season.

This Pokemon appears in four different sizes in the game and you have to evolve each of them with a whopping 200 Candy into Gourgeist to register all of them in your collection.

By selecting the Pokedex number filter, you will be able to view Pumpkaboo arranged according to their size variations, making it easier to evolve and use them in battles.

Many weren’t aware of this feature as “it was news” to them and “they never thought of this.” But many called the trick “handy” and said they “needed this” to make their gameplay better.

If this much-needed tip for Pumpkaboo wasn’t useful enough already, fans also mentioned other Pokemon that could benefit from it.

pokemon go pumpkaboo and gourgeist sizes promo image
Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist come in Small, Average, Large, and Medium sizes.

Comments about the other Pokemon included: “Also works with hat Pokemon, especially Pikachu” as well as “works with Unown if you wanted to see all the different letters you’ve collected.” Another used added that it is the “same with Scatterbug”

This simple tip may finally help everyone get rid of their concerns with sorting out species in the Pokedex as we expect more Pokemon with different forms in the future.

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