Pokemon Go players sick of same “annoying” spawns appearing in every event

Niladri Sarkar
lickitung spawn in pokemon go

Even with a new Season kicking off in Pokemon Go, the events have been featuring the same spawns again and again, leaving trainers frustrated and fuming.

With the start of the Shared Skies Season, Pokemon Go hosted the Stadium Sights event, but players have been quick to brush it off as most of the spawns were nothing exciting or different from those featured previously.

Whether it’s the usual Kanto region Pokemon, or repeated ones like Pawmi, Lickitung, and Hitmontop, they have been in the wild and Eggs for months now and the community seems to have had enough.

After user ‘AdmirableElderberry9’ posted on Reddit about the Pokemon they hate running into or evolving, several trainers shared their picks, which turned out to be the ones being repeatedly featured every time.

Right off the bat, fans called out Gen 2 Fighting-type Hitmontop, which they had earlier bashed for its unnerving animation, difficulty to catch, and having no use in the meta.

Also, other Fighting types like Mankey, Machop, Sawk, and Throh have been around for months, but at least they have use in the Go Battle League, making them less of a bother than Hitmontop.

While all agreed that Hitmontop was “way more trouble than it’s worth,” many highlighted other “useless” Gen 1 Pokemon. “I hate Ekans, Koffing, and Zubat they are so annoying. I see them everywhere!!!” a trainer said, especially when Kanto was given a cold shoulder during the Rediscover campaign in Pokemon Go.

Some other species outright slammed by trainers were Lickitung and Pawmi, since they were everywhere and the most common hatches from 5km Eggs. Additionally, they hardly have any use in PvP or Raids, making everyone “sick” of them, going as far as saying that it “ruins” their day.

Pokemon Go players can look forward to some exciting new spawns in events like Slumbering Sands, Goomy Community Day, and Go Fest 2024.

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