Pokemon Go player completes “incredible” five-year-long Pokedex challenge

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Anime Satoshi

Pokemon Go trainers are all about challenging themselves to complete their prized collections. But this trainer took it to a whole new level and spent 5 years completing his personal Pokedex challenge.

Trainers are always looking for rare specimens in Pokemon Go, be it to complete their Pokedex or simply to build the best teams for the PvP Leagues or Raid encounters.

Many players enjoy boasting about their collections on social media and are often showcasing their rare catches or streaks of bad luck when a rare Pokemon goes away.

But what happens when a trainer is hellbent on completing a personal challenge? Well, expect anything from this trainer, who took it to Reddit to brag about his unique Pokedex completionist quest.

Reddit user ‘JJKDowell’ posted this on Reddit: “After 5 years, it’s finally complete! 420 unique Pokémon species with 420CP, and all nicknamed!”

They also added: “5 years well wasted! I also have about another 120 duplicates aside from these. And if you need help figuring out any of the nicknames, don’t be afraid to ask, I could only do so much with 12 characters after all.”

The Pokemon Go community quickly gathered to show their respect for their zealous devotion to the cause: “The dedication…is too damn high.” While another trainer said: “Epic collection mate. I’ve been playing the game wrong all this time.”

Other trainers answering the OP’s post had this to say about this unique Pokedex completion challenge: “That’s pure devotion.” And another player added: “Didn’t need any rules still spectacular doing this.”

The Pokemon Go community often shares impressive collection feats on Reddit, each of them unique in their style and ensemble but similar in dedication and effort.

This trainer’s collection mission might be over, but the rest of the trainers are still looking up for all the content ahead, including the new Season Timeless Travels, and the upcoming Pokemon Go Tour Sinnoh.