Pokemon Go players desperate for way to disable annoying Poke Ball feature

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go ash ketchum with a poke ball

A certain Poke Ball feature in Pokemon Go is being slammed left and right as fans of the mobile game are eager to get rid of it once and for all.

Pokemon Go trainers can often run low on Poke Balls, especially when facing rare and highly sought-after Pokemon such as Legendaries and shinies that have a low catch rate.

Things can take a nail-biting turn when the encountered Pokemon keeps on escaping, and trainers lose track of how many Poke Balls they have left to catch the species.

While the game has a solution for this, it looks like the community isn’t too pleased with the available feature as they want nothing to do with it.

A post by a user named ‘LennyNoLion’ on the Silph Road subreddit included a screengrab of the ‘Last Ball!’ prompt in Pokemon Go when a trainer is left with just one Poke Ball in an encounter in a Raid or the wild.

The OP wrote: “I hate this ‘friendly’ reminder” and asked: “Is there a way to turn it off?”

The post caught the attention of several Pokemon Go players who chimed in with their comments, sharing the OP’s thoughts regarding the feature.

Users commented: “I am positive that friendly reminder causes me to miss that final throw even more often. I don’t need the extra pressure Niantic!!!” and “It’s made me mess up the final ball more than a few times. I’m still not used to it.”

As these players highlighted how the feature has been doing them more harm than good, a few users revealed that they had never come across the prompt before.

However, others mentioned the requirement for the feature to pop up. “It doesn’t appear if you don’t have a Master Ball in your bag. The entire point of that is to coax you into using your Master Ball. But otherwise, no. There’s no option to turn it off,” a player elaborated.

It looks like there is no way to turn off this feature in Pokemon Go, but some pointed out that the prompt appears for hardly “1 second” and can even be missed if the trainer in question is distracted.

Regardless of whether you experienced this prompt or not, you can have a look at other Pokemon Go features such as Routes and Party Play.

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