Pokemon Go players discover “insane” Poke Ball trick to guarantee critical catches

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go critical catch trick animation

The secret behind landing critical catches in Pokemon Go has been a mystery for years now but a few players have finally uncovered how to make these catches in Pokemon Go as the community confirms the method.

In their quest to catch ’em all, Pokemon Go players aim to make ‘Excellent’ throws to have higher chances of getting the Pokemon on the first go.

While Excellent, as well as ‘Great’ and ‘Nice’ throws are doable, fans have always wondered how to land a critical catch as they capture the Pokemon the quickest, without the usual ‘shakes’ of the Poke Ball.

With numerous trials and errors over the years, a few trainers have now identified the secret to ensuring a critical throw every single time, setting Pokemon Go players abuzz with excitement.

A post by a user named ‘Zombie_Alpaca_Lips’ on the Silph Road subreddit titled “Confirmed critical catches” sparked a flurry of activity from the Pokemon Go community after the OP wrote: “If you throw an excellent throw on a Pokemon while the catch circle is at its smallest possible point, it will be a guaranteed critical catch.”

Players were quick to test the theory and wasted no time in confirming the effectiveness of the revolutionary tip in the comments section.

“Yep just tested and took me a little while to get the smallest but got there and…critical catch..!” a user wrote before another added: “Considered this completely blasphemous. Just did it like 3 times in a row on Cryogonals. This is insane.”

As more comments verified the OP’s statement, another chipped in with: “This is legit. I read all the comments of it working for others, tried it myself and it’s working for me too. That’s crazy. Awesome find OP.”

pokemon go legendaries galarian moltres, zapdos, and articuno
The Legendary Galarian Bird trio can be encountered from the Daily Adventure Incense.

While this will immediately benefit all trainers and make grinding easier and quicker, several users pointed out how it can even boost chances of catching the Galarian Birds, which have a mere 0.3% catch rate.

“This is game changer for Galarian Birds and Legendaries. Still hard to pull but still game changer,” a fan claimed before another mentioned: “This could be totally abused for legendary raids and for the Galarian Birds as it takes absolutely no skill when combining it with the buddy.”

With the critical catch trick confirmed by countless Pokemon Go players, it is certainly going to be one of the biggest features ever in the popular mobile game.

As you explore Pokemon Go with this new-found info, try hitting critical throws on rare and highly sought-after species like Frigibax and Jangmo-o for guaranteed catches.

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