New Pokemon Go Gifts feature is so “annoying” players think it’s glitched

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go gift stickers

A new Pokemon Go feature involving stickers for sending Gifts has been getting on the nerves of players to the point that they thought it was a bug.

Sending Gifts in Pokemon Go helps players grab rare Pokemon like Vivillon. Also, trainers often need to add stickers to Gifts for completing Research tasks and getting amazing in-game rewards.

Most trainers enjoy this feature but a silent update to stickers has made sending Gifts a pain, as everyone usually wants to get done with it ASAP. This was pointed out by a user named ‘Authentic_Leadership’ in a Reddit post where they called it an “extra tap of annoyance” and a “headache” to deal with.

The OP added, “Is anyone else annoyed that even if you tap the sticker you want it just gives you a bigger screen to choose from? Like if I wanted that I would’ve swiped up, not tapped.”

Users agreed with the OP, with many calling the update “annoying.” A trainer commented: “Yeah I basically just stopped adding stickers because I couldn’t easily do it with one hand. Now I only do it if there is a field research task.”

Another added, “True, I noticed right away that the sticker step now requires an extra step… one of the most tedious tasks in the game is sending gifts already and now they make it even worse.”

Many players initially thought that the feature was a bug and they even reported it as such. Some even encouraged others to report it with hopes of devs Niantic removing it altogether.

“I reported it as a bug. IMO we should ALL report it as a bug. then MAYBE they will recognize that it is not an improvement,” a player mentioned,

Trainers are eager to see this feature fixed ASAP, as a large section of the Pokemon Go community enjoys sending stickers to their in-game friends.