All Pokemon Go regional exclusives & where to find them

All four Oricorio styles and a Pokemon Go logo

Pokemon Go added a new regional Pokemon with the latest season so here’s a list of every region-locked Pokemon and where to find them around the world.

The quest of completing the Pokedex in Pokemon Go has one major catch and that’s the region-locked Pokemon that are spread out around the world. These elusive creatures are an important part of the mobile game, but they have also been through some changes since Pokemon Go’s launch.

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Here is the full list of regional exclusive Pokemon as well as their locations to try and catch ’em all.

What are regional exclusives in Pokemon Go?

Regional exclusives in Pokemon Go are Pokemon that can only be found in certain regions of the world. Some of these creatures might be exclusive to a single country, like the recently added Hawlucha in Mexico, or an entire continent, like Mr. Mime in Europe.

These regional exclusives are usually wild spawns, but they can also hatch from eggs obtained in those regions as well. Some big Pokemon Go events, like Go Fest or Go Tour, also allow players to catch these region-locked Pokemon in other parts of the world for a limited time.

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Full list of regional exclusives in Pokemon Go & their locations

Below are all the available regional exclusives in Pokemon Go and where to find them:

PokemonImageReal-world location
Farfetch’dFarfetch'd in Pokemon GoEastern Asia
KangaskhanKangaskhan in Pokemon GoAustralia
Mr MimeMr Mime in Pokemon GoEurope
TaurosTauros in Pokemon GoUnited States of America and Canada
HeracrossHeracross in Pokemon GoMexico, Central America, and South America
CorsolaCorsola in Pokemon GoTropical regions near the coast
VolbeatVolbeat in Pokemon GoEurope, Asia, and Australia
IllumiseIllumise in Pokemon GoAmericas and Africa
TorkoalTorkoal in Pokemon GoSouth Asia
ZangooseZangoose in Pokemon GoEurope, Asia, and Australia
SeviperSeviper in Pokemon GoAmericas and Africa
LunatoneLunatone in Pokemon GoWestern Hemisphere
SolrockSolrock in Pokemon GoEastern Hemisphere
TropiusTropius in Pokemon GoAfrica, Middle-Eastern regions, and Southern Spain
RelicanthRelicanth in Pokemon GoNew Zealand and surrounding islands
PachirisuPachirisu in Pokemon GoCanada, Alaska, and Russia
Shellos (West Sea)Shellos West Sea in Pokemon GoWestern Hemisphere
Shellos (East Sea)Shellos East Sea in Pokemon GoEastern Hemisphere
Mime JrMime Jr. in Pokemon GoHatches from Eggs obtained in Europe
ChatotChatot in Pokemon GoSouthern Hemisphere
CarnivineCarnivine in Pokemon GoSoutheastern United States
UxieUxie in Pokemon GoAsia-Pacific
MespritMesprit in Pokemon GoEurope, Middle East, Africa, and India
AzelfAzelf in Pokemon GoAmericas and Greenland
PansagePansage in Pokemon GoAsia-Pacific
PansearPansear in Pokemon GoEurope, Middle East, Africa, and India
PanpourPanpour in Pokemon GoAmericas and Greenland
ThrohThroh in Pokemon GoAmericas and Africa
SawkSawk in Pokemon GoEurope, Asia, and Australia
Basculin (Red Stripe)Basculin red stripe in Pokemon GoEastern Hemisphere
Basculin (Blue Stripe)Basculin blue stripe in Pokemon GoWestern Hemisphere
MaractusMaractus in Pokemon GoSouthern United States, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, and South America
SigilyphSigilyph in Pokemon GoEgypt and Greece
BouffalantBouffalant in Pokemon GoNew York and surrounding areas
HeatmorHeatmor in Pokemon GoEurope, Asia, and Australia
DurantDurant in Pokemon GoAmericas and Africa
KlefkiKlefki in Pokemon GoFrance
Flabébé (Blue Flower)Flabebe blue rose in Pokemon GoAsia-Pacific
Flabébé (Red Flower)Flabebe red flower in Pokemon GoEurope, Middle East, Africa, and India
Flabébé (Yellow Flower)Flabebe yellow flower in Pokemon GoAmericas and Greenland
Furfrou (Debutante Trim)Furfour debutante style in Pokemon GoAmericas
Furfrou (Diamond Trim)Furfrou diamond style in Pokemon GoEurope, Middle East, and Africa
Furfrou (Star Trim)Furfrou star style in Pokemon GoAsia-Pacific
Furfrou (La Reine Trim)Furfrou la reine style in Pokemon GoFrance
Furfrou (Kabuki Trim)Furfrou kabuki style in Pokemon GoJapan
Furfrou (Pharaoh Trim)Furfrou pharaoh style in Pokemon GoEgypt
HawluchaHawlucha in Pokemon GoMexico
Oricorio (Baile Style)Oricorio baile style in Pokemon GoEurope, Middle East, Africa, and India
Oricorio (Pom-Pom Style)Oricorio pom pom style in Pokemon GoAmericas and Greenland
Oricorio (Pa’u Style)Oricorio Pau style in Pokemon GoAfrican, Asian, Pacific, and Caribbean islands
Oricorio (Sensu Style)Oricorio sensu style in Pokemon GoAsia-Pacific
ComfeyComfey in Pokemon GoHawaii
CelesteelaCelesteela in Pokemon GoSouthern Hemisphere
KartanaKartana in Pokemon GoNorthern Hemisphere

Some of these Pokemon have expanded their locations over time, while others have had theirs changed many times since Pokemon Go came out, giving players in other regions a chance to catch them.

It’s also worth noting that all Furfrou, Flabébé, and Oricorio share the same number in the Pokedex, so the differences between each version or style have to do with their typing and look.

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How to get regional exclusives in Pokemon Go

Since you can only find regional exclusive Pokemon in specific parts of the world, the main way to get them is by traveling to those real-life places. Of course, nobody expects you to travel the whole world to achieve that goal, and you have other options.

The most popular one is trading with friends that visited other parts of the world, but there’s a catch as you can only trade with friends that are less than 100 meters away.

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Not all hope is lost though. Pokemon Go‘s biggest events usually give players a chance at catching or hatching regional exclusives for a limited period of time. For example, Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn let players all around the world hatch Relicanth, Torkoal, and Tropius from 10 Km Eggs in February 2023.

Many players expect the same will happen in the next Pokemon Go Fest event, so keep an eye out for official announcements.

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Image Credits: Niantic / The Pokemon Company

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