Pokemon Go players claim “ridiculous” Zarude Research rewards aren’t worth the price

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go verdant wonders event mythical zarude

The Verdant Wonders paid Special Research in Pokemon Go will allow players to catch Zarude but it looks like most aren’t high on the ticket prices and underwhelming rewards.

Pokemon Go players previously had only one chance to get the Mythical Zarude, with some even missing out on the opportunity.

Now, the Verdant Wonders event will feature a Special Research that will let you get this popular Pokemon and enjoy other bonuses, but, it looks like fans have lost interest in the grind.

After Reddit user ‘Foulmouth232’ criticized the lack of useful bonuses and the “bunch of uninteresting grass types spawning” for the non-ticketed version of the Verdant Wonders event, fellow trainers pointed out that the paid version is hardly any good as well.

A user wrote: “Wasn’t Zarude free? I guess it’s a chance to get one if you never did (me) but gosh 8 bucks is crazy,” to which a player replied, “I never got one, and from the looks of it I never will. I enjoy this game I do but the ticket prices are getting out of hand for every little thing.”

Another stated, “I can’t support this bulls**t, and nobody else should either. Why is everything ticketed nowadays???” In the same vein, the community had also called out the Go Fest 2024 ticket prices.

Others pointed out that the high price of $8 is “ridiculous” and unjustified not only for Zarude but also for the rest of the “honestly bad item rewards.” Even those who don’t mind paying for events and are yet to add Zarude to their Pokedex said they would skip this as it’s not worth their money.

Some users highlighted that Mythicals in Pokemon Go tend to have bad stats and no species is worth more than $5. If this wasn’t bad already, players are also fuming over Niantic slashing the previously announced global availability of all Flabébé forms, making the paid ticket a no-no for most fans.

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