Pokemon Go has its most expensive month ever despite “terrible” Research tickets

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go paid research ticket

With an increase in paid Research quests over the last few months, Pokemon Go players were already furious but a new finding has shocked everyone with how the mostly F2P game has changed.

Released in 2016, Pokemon Go is among the most popular games worldwide with dedicated players who flock to it regularly to catch their favorite Pokemon, participate in challenging PvP and PvE battles, and grind the game for shinies and other rare grabs.

Recent months saw a surge of new updates and features like Routes and Party Play, but the community noticed a worrying trend of more paid Research quests than before.

Now, the situation has reached a breaking point after a user named ‘PoGoCentral’ on the X app (formerly Twitter) posted: “March 2024 has become the most expensive month in Pokemon Go’s history in terms of paid-research Tickets.”

The post sent shockwaves across the community who couldn’t believe the total cost of paid Research quests in March alone.

A user wrote, “Honestly this game becomes more and more pay to play. It’s becoming dull,” before another added: “They all suck and not worth buying.”

Trainers stated that it was “terrible” to see how common these paid tickets have become in Pokemon Go and some even warned that it’s “just getting started.”

Most called out the $8 Zarude Special Research, as this Mythical was earlier available for free, and even the rewards don’t seem worth it for fans.

That’s not all, as the info also seems to have prompted many to skip the Primal Groudon Raid Day ticket, especially after the Primal Kyogre event was called a “disaster.”

While these paid tickets are optional, players are missing out on some juicy parts of the game by opting for an F2P (free-to-play) experience.

If you’re not interested in paid tickets like most players, you can enjoy some popular F2P parts of Pokemon Go like Raids and the Go Battle League.

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