Pokemon Go players furious as fan-favorite regional won’t be available worldwide

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go regional flabebe

The Verdant Wonders event in Pokemon Go announced the worldwide availability of all Flabébé forms but now, devs Niantic have pulled the plug on the global access, leaving players fuming.

A brand-new Pokemon Go extravaganza called ‘Verdant Wonders‘ has players on the edge of their seats as it will allow the event ticket holders to catch the Mythical Zarude while also debuting the shiny version of the regional species, Flabébé.

This Pokemon has several forms based on the color of the flower it carries, and they are available in different parts of the world.

So, when Niantic announced the event details, fans were hyped as it included the worldwide availability of Flabébé and everyone was eager to add all its forms to their Pokedex.

But, it looks like their excitement has gone down in no time as a Reddit user named ‘AydenAlt’ pointed out that the contents of the official Verdant Wonders event blog were edited and Flabébé would no longer be available globally.

This update shocked fellow trainers, as they called it the “most attractive thing about the ticket,” as a fan commented: “I just want the blue and red flowers, is that so much to ask?”

The paid ticket costs $8 (or the equivalent pricing in your local currency) and the global availability of all Flabébé forms was the main incentive for many to purchase the ticket.

But, the update changed the minds of many Pokemon Go trainers. “I knew it. I was going to buy the ticket not just for a Zadude that’s better than my 10/11/11 one but also for those flower things. Since the edit, I will be happier keeping the eight dollars,” a person wrote.

Others pointed out that the devs often miscommunicate details in their blog posts and many were relieved that the update was at least done before the event started.

Regardless of whether or not you play the Verdant Wonders event, check out what Go Fest 2024 has to offer and how to get the new Pokemon Go Mythical, Marshadow.

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