“Stupid” Pokemon Go restriction leaves players stuck with low IV catches

Niladri Sarkar
zarude, zygarde and marshadow in pokemon go

Powerful picks in Pokemon Go like Zygarde and Mythicals all have one major limitation that curbs their usage, frustrating hardcore players and collectors alike.

Catching Legendaries and Mythicals in Pokemon Go is easier said than done, as some picks like Zygarde are only found through Routes while the latter is obtained through Research quests.

Though players are down for the grind, there’s a certain issue with these highly sought-after Pokemon: They can’t be traded. Trading is one of the best ways to get high IVs in the game, so trainers who have low IV Zygarde and Mythicals are stuck with them, with no means of getting a better version.

This was all a part of the rant from a trainer with the username ‘Prestigious_Time_138′ on Reddit, who tore into the feature that keeps Mythicals’ IVs permalocked.

Several frustrated players joined the bandwagon, giving examples of untradeable Pokemon and calling it stupid. A user stated: “Adding on to this. If a mon can be raided, it should be tradable. i.e. Darkrai,” while another asked: “This is nuts, yeah. I almost quit when I saw my 10/11/10 Zygarde that I can’t even mirror trade. Why, just why?”

pokemon go mythical darkrai
Darkrai is one of the best Dark-type Pokemon, but it can’t be traded.

Others said that being unable to trade Zygarde in Pokemon Go makes no sense since it’s not a Mythical species. Even the game specifically states that you can trade anything except Mythicals and Shadows.

Although Mythicals are set to follow this rule, the OP and fellow players complained that there should be at least some way to offset poor IV catches and improve their stats.

Fans chipped in that they would love any mechanic to improve the IVs of Mythicals and some even mentioned that they would be willing to pay for it. You should note that the mainline Pokemon games have an item named Bottle Cap that can improve IVs.

Pokemon Go introducing Bottle Caps would be a huge addition to the game for getting perfect IVs and building a collection of Shundos to flex.