Pokemon Go player pays the price as daughter wastes Master Ball on hilariously weak Mon

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A Pokemon Go player lost their Master Ball in the funniest way possible as their daughter ended up using the elusive Poke Ball on a commonly found species, as fans joke that they are “sorry” for the trainer’s “loss.”

The Master Ball is the rarest and the best Poke Ball in Pokemon Go, as it gives a 100% catch rate on any Pokemon, including Legendaries from Raids as well as the Galarian Birds.

With the mobile game having only one Master Ball up for grabs at the moment, and that too, through a long and tedious paid Special Research, the community is careful to not waste this asset on a random species or even a rare Zorua.

But a fan, who gave their mobile to their daughter to play Pokemon Go, had their worst fears come true when they realized that she had used the Master Ball on something that a usual player wouldn’t even bother catching.

A user named ‘Japan_fan’ made a post on Reddit that showed a series of screengrabs of a Grubbin caught in Pokemon Go, captioning it with: “My daughter caught a Grubbin..”

What seems like a normal Grubbin capture at first, is revealed to have been caught by a Master Ball in the following slides, with the trainer zooming in on the Master Ball icon in the last slide.

The OP added: “So my daughter was playing Pokemon Go on my phone and I look to see what Pokemon she caught. I was like oh cute, she caught a Grubbin. Then I remembered I had a Master Ball and was like oh no I hope she didn’t use it and sure enough she did! Just thought it was a funny story to share with y’all.”

The post invited several comments from fellow Pokemon Go trainers, mostly in a lighter vein, as they lauded the OP for their sense of humor.

A user stated: “I didn’t read the caption but I felt the rage through every picture… it got worse and worse. Sorry for your loss.”

Many believed that the Grubbin in question was special, and so, they advised what OP should do with the Pokemon.

“Best Buddy that Grubbin, never evolve him,” a player suggested before another added: “Cherish it, have her nickname it and let it be a memory of your daughter everytime you see it.”

But it looks like several fans had a similar Master Ball experience with weak Pokemon as they commented: “Just had this happen to me with my little sister, got a Bidoof” and “My friend’s kid caught a Weedle with my Master Ball a couple of weeks ago.”

It remains to be seen if OP can bag another Master Ball down the line, but they will surely be more careful the next time!

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