Pokemon Go players sick of “trash” Routes event encounters & spawns

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go along the routes event research spawns

The Along the Routes event and accompanying Research in Pokemon Go has received a thumbs down from the community as they are disappointed with the wild spawns and quest encounters, calling them “terrible.”

Most Pokemon Go trainers aren’t too high on the Along the Routes event and Timed Research involving the Routes feature, and they have mixed feelings about the new NPC Mateo.

But if there’s something the community isn’t particularly pleased about, it’s the Pokemon spawning in the wild and encountered through Research tasks, as players have been outright bashing them.

After Reddit user ‘kittykattykat’ made a post that showed the Along the Routes Timed Research in Pokemon Go and asked, “Anyone else sick of these trash encounters?” several fellow trainers joined the comments section, agreeing with the OP’s statement.

Users commented: “I’ve been sick of them since after Hoenn world tour although I’m looking forward to Sinnoh though” and “They are all trash,” clearly highlighting their disapproval of the event Pokemon.

Others mentioned that they hoped for species such as “Hisuian Sneasel or Growlithe” and are unhappy with the “terrible spawns” around them.

One of the comments pointed out that “Niantic continues to make these events feel less special,” before another added: “This is why I don’t use the daily incense anymore.”

While most called out the “trash” spawns and encounters, fans stressed that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to their unhappiness with the event.

“I’m sick of the Routes and Party Up content. I really don’t want to do it,” a player stated as these two features continue to play spoilsport in the popular mobile game, even months after their release.

So, whether it’s the spawns and encounters themselves, or the fact that the unpopular Routes feature is a core part of the event, fans are certainly not enjoying them.

In the meantime, you can check out the PokeStop Showcases feature and the current Raids schedule in Pokemon Go.

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