Pokemon Go fans call out players for creating Routes “that shouldn’t be allowed”

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go routes

As more players explore Routes in Pokemon Go, fans have come across several “bad Routes” and are “surprised what gets approved” by Niantic.

Creating Routes in Pokemon Go is only half the job, as they also have to be submitted to Niantic for approval. Once approved, fans can find Zygarde Cells to collect and then obtain all forms of the Pokemon Zygarde in the mobile game.

But getting Zygarde seems to be a difficult task at hand as most players haven’t got their Route submissions accepted by Niantic yet. Adding to their frustration is the sight of many unusual Routes that has “baffled” the community.

Reddit user ‘kofei’ shared a post that showed another player’s Route in Pokemon Go and wrote: “Someone really got their walk from their house to church approved.”

A user mentioned that it “seems like a bad Route to do. Also seems like they were driving when they did it which is sad,” referring to the fact that players would end up coming across cars and possibly traffic while following the Route.

Many were of the opinion that such Routes “shouldn’t be allowed” in Pokemon Go as other players “must walk in the road with cars” to complete these Routes in the game.

This was confirmed by a person who came across a Route that “requires driving as the creator obviously was driving when they made it.”

Many were frustrated over having legitimate Routes pending or rejected by Niantic, as one user commented:

“Had one near me that was a park (down the street from me) to the local supermarket. It was super convenient and had safe and public pedestrian access. Obviously, it was removed.”

pokemon go routes promo image in a park with zygarde 100% form
Parks with loops are a great place to create Routes and explore them.

Another added, “I have a pretty good route that is easy, and that goes through a park. But it’s still waiting for approval. It’s so far been almost 2 months under review.”

But what has really caught the Pokemon Go community off-guard is the Route approvals by Niantic as players explained that there seems to be no consistency.

“You’d be surprised what gets approved. I made 3 Routes and named them after p*rn films and they’re all approved,” one player explained, while another mentioned, “I made one just messing around and it was approved the second I submitted it. It even finishes in my backyard.”

With so much confusion and disappointment over the Routes feature along with similar frustrations over Party Play, fans hope that Niantic will address these issues as soon as possible.

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