Pokemon Go players divided over new Routes Research & NPC

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go along the routes special research npc mateo

The Pokemon Go Special Research involving Routes and the NPC Mateo was met with mixed reactions from the community as they either love or hate the new additions to the popular mobile game.

Routes was one of the biggest additions to Pokemon Go in 2023, as the feature lets the community collect Zygarde Cells to get all forms of Zygarde, one of the strongest Pokemon in the game.

But despite the hype, many fans were disappointed with the many bugs and glitches accompanying the feature, alongside the difficulties in finding and completing Routes.

Now, as 2023 draws to a close, Pokemon Go is hosting the Along the Routes event with a Special Research called ‘A Route to New Friendships’ that focuses on Routes and introduces a brand-new NPC (non-playable character) named Mateo, with whom players will be interacting throughout the Research quest.

But it appears that the community isn’t too high on either the Routes Research or Mateo, as a large section of fans disapprove of them. That said, others are pretty excited as they laud the new aspect of Pokemon Go.

After a user named ‘Hydroglitch_’ made a Reddit post asking, “What do y’all think of Mateo?” several trainers were quick to chime in with their opinions on the NPC as well as the Routes-themed Pokemon Go Research.

Some users had no issues with Mateo as such, but they still weren’t impressed with the Routes feature as one slammed Niantic by commenting: “I’m fine with him, but not a fan of how they are pushing Routes Research when they can’t keep up.”

A user wrote: “Man, they keep pushing these Routes things …I am not a fan,” before another added: “He only exists to get people do Routes cause they were a flop.”

It seems that many would decide if they like Mateo only after they end up interacting with him during the Research quest. “He seems nice enough. I haven’t met him on a Route yet though so I’ll form a better opinion once I see what he gives for gifts,” one person explained.

That said, a good number of players are positive about the interaction with Mateo who offers Gifts received from random trainers in Pokemon Go. “Not what I was expecting but idk cool I guess,” a trainer stated.

It looks like Routes continues to have a lukewarm reception among the community as many are not enthusiastic about anything in Pokemon Go related to the feature.

In the meantime, you can have a look at other popular Pokemon Go features such as Party Play and PokeStop Showcases.