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Baby Pokemon Pokemon Go

Baby Pokemon are pre-evolutionary stages of popular species such as Pikachu and Magmar, and here’s how to get Baby Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

For Pokemon trainers, there’s nothing that surpasses the cuteness of Baby Pokemon, and in Pokemon Go, there are loads of these little creatures ready to be collected.

Here’s how to get Baby Pokemon in Pokemon Go, including how many are there.

How to get Baby species in Pokemon Go

To get Baby Pokemon in Pokemon Go, trainers need to get and hatch Eggs. Each Egg has to be put in an Incubator, and the trainers need to walk a certain distance depending on which type of Egg they are trying to hatch. Eggs can be obtained using three methods:

  • Spinning PokeStops (2, 5, 10 km)
  • As a reward from Friend Gifts (7 km)
  • As a reward for beating Team Rocket Leaders (12 km)

Baby Pokemon hatch from some of these Eggs, and each season, the species that can hatch rotate in what is known as the “Egg Chart.” Here’s a detailed guide on the current Egg Chart.

How many Baby Pokemon are available in the game?

Currently, there are 18 species of Baby Pokemon available in Pokemon Go, and here’s a full list with details on which Egg they hatch from:

ImageBaby PokemonHatches from
Azurill2 Km Eggs
Bonsly2 Km Eggs
Budew2 Km Eggs
Chingling10 Km Eggs
Cleffa2 Km Eggs
Elekid5 Km Eggs
Happiny2 Km Eggs
Igglybuff5 Km Eggs
Magby5 Km Eggs
Mantyke7 Km Eggs
Mime Jr.5 Km Eggs
Munchlax5 Km Eggs
Pichu2 Km Eggs
Riolu5 Km Eggs
Smoochum2 Km Eggs
Togepi2 Km Eggs
Tyrogue2 Km Eggs
Wynaut7 Km Eggs

How to get Hoenn Baby Pokemon in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, you can get the Hoenn Baby Pokemon introduced in the third Generation, but there are some special conditions to add them to your collection. Currently, Wynaut and Azurill are not included in the Egg Chart rotations, and cannot spawn from Eggs.

Wynaut can only be caught in the wild, and appears during Windy weather, at a very low rate. Meanwhile, Azurill can only be caught in the wild, and appears during Cloudy weather, at a slightly lower rate.

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