All Medicham weaknesses & resistances in Pokemon

Medicham in a Pokemon Sword and Shield background

Medicham is a very popular Pokemon in Pokemon Go thanks to its type combination and balanced Stats, so here’s everything you need to know about its weaknesses and resistances to beat it in battle.

Medicham has been in the Pokemon franchise since Gen 3 and can be a tough challenge for unprepared trainers. With an interesting type combination and high Speed Stat, it’s a good asset for any type of battle.

Since it’s very popular in some parts of the Pokemon Go competitive scene, here’s everything you need to know about Medicham’s weaknesses and resistances in Pokemon games.

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What type is Medicham in Pokemon

Medicham is a dual Psychic and Fighting-type Pokemon. Since Psychic-type attacks are one of the few weaknesses Fighting-type Pokemon have, this type combination can bring confusion to some trainers.

It’s also a very rare type combination shared only with Gallade and Mega Mewtwo X in the whole Pokemon franchise.

Both Medicham and Mega Medicham made appearances in the Pokemon anime.

All Medicham weaknesses in Pokemon

As a dual Psychic and Fighting-type Pokemon, Medicham is weak against Flying, Ghost, and Fairy-type moves. Sticking to those categories will result in a quick victory since there’s usually nothing in Medicham’s moveset that can counter those types.

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All Medicham resistances in Pokemon

Thanks to its dual Psychic and Fighting-type combination, Medicham can resist Fighting and Rock-type attacks in Pokemon games. Medicham can inflict super-effective damage with STAB against both types, so you should avoid those options entirely.

Medicham has very well-balanced Stats, with Defense and Sp. Defense being its highest alongside Speed. Dealing super effective damage with STAB is the way to go if you want to end the battle quickly. But bulky Pokemon that deal neutral damage can also take Medicham down with ease.

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