Silent Pokemon Go avatar update leaves players split

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go in-game avatar update

After the disastrous avatar updates in April 2024, Pokemon Go players are surprised to find a change out of the blue, but this time they aren’t sure what to make out of it.

The avatar updates in Pokemon Go were bashed by players, and they even demanded devs Niantic for a rollback, wanting nothing to do with the feature. While Niantic responded that they were sorting it out, nothing seemed to bear fruit.

Now, roughly two months after the issue started, fans have noticed some upgrades to their in-game avatars and body types, but are finding it hard to call it an improvement or a turn for the worse. This began after Reddit user ‘Ok-Tea-3903’ asked, “Did anyone else’s skin tone lighten overnight?” in a Reddit post.

A large number of users jumped into the comments section and confirmed that their Pokemon Go avatars looked very different from earlier but there were mixed responses, ranging from: “Mine got a pretty bad sunburn,” “My character definitely feels less flat,” and “Mine turned a bit orange.”

A trainer added, “Mine got darker, and my husband’s got red where they’re trying to add shadows. He [is] also skinnier and has a jawline now. It’s hilarious to watch the devs quietly and slowly backtrack to clean up the flaming pile of crap they pushed out.”

While most of the community had their avatar skin tones darkened, they were able to fix it in no time. That said, others chipped in that the clothes still didn’t fit well and some parts of the body had odd proportions as well.

Some fans mentioned that they look “very off” while others gushed that they are now “well-sculpted.” But, everyone agreed that the changes were far from the look they were used to for more than seven years.

Regardless, there certainly seems to be more range in the body proportions now, and trainers can toggle the settings to customize their look and continue their quest to catch all Pokemon in the game.

In the meantime, have a look at the new Pokemon Go Raids and Spotlight Hour schedule in June 2024, as well as the latest additions through the Shared Skies Season update.

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