Pokemon Go devs respond to sign-in bug making game unplayable on Wi-Fi

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go connection issuesNiantic

Pokemon Go players are experiencing several log-in issues, and Niantic have warned that if players are using WiFi to access the game, they should be patient while they fix this error.

Pokemon Go players have been experiencing serious connectivity issues, and Niantic‘s official X (formerly Twitter) account announced that they are investigating the cause of the problem. The company, often at odds with its players, has expressed that trainers should use the Help Center for temporary fixes for this issue.

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Players experiencing several connectivity issues have gathered in the official post to ask for a permanent solution to these recurring problems. Some of them are experiencing similar issues but in different services provided by Niantic, like Monster Hunter Now and Pokemon Go+ Plus.

It would seem that the issue is not only affecting Pokemon Go, but other services provided by the developer as well. One of the players commenting on the Twitter post said: “Maybe look into the SAME PROBLEM with monster hunter now. I had at one time deleted and redownload only to see the wifi was the problem.”

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In the meantime, another problem has come up, unrelated to Niantic directly, but still affects Pokemon Go players. It is about the most recent update for Android 13 (0.289.0) has crippled the compatibility between Pokemon Go and auto-catchers like Go+ and Go+ Plus.

Players seem to be experiencing the Pokemon Go+ compatibility issue and are roasting Niantic for it: “Can y’all also “investigate” the one that makes my go plus basically unusable??” And another one wrote: “Nothing is working.”

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These issues seem to be persistent for the moment, and the company has not revealed when they will be solved. We will keep you informed if Niantic announces that the problem is fixed.

In the meantime, if you are thinking about challenging some raids this weekend, here’s a Mega Garchomp Raid guide for you. And here’s how to beat Virizion in Pokemon Go.

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