Niantic’s lack of communication is jeopardizing Pokemon Go’s future

Lucas Simons
Ash in the Anime with His Rotom Phone

Pokemon Go players are reporting that Niantic’s support services are ignoring player complaints. If the lack of communication continues, it could endanger Pokemon Go’s future.

Pokemon Go‘s developer Niantic have been announcing major changes with the Rediscover Kanto and Rediscover Pokemon Go updates in 2024. However, players continue to feel concerned about their complaints not being heard.

Reports from Pokemon Go trainers continue to state that their concerns are falling on deaf ears. TheSilphRoad community is bursting with posts of players complaining about Niantic’s online support services, and their tendency to ignore reported issues.

One Pokemon Go player reported that the avatar pose they purchased was completely bugged, courtesy of the new avatar update. To add insult to injury, they were met by an automatic reply threatening them with a penalty and later, another one confirming they had been banned for “infringement of TOS.”

This happened after exhausting all the help request possibilities in the game. This particular player had to turn to the ban appeal and bug report channels to make themselves heard.

Other similar cases point out Niantic’s lack of “will to communicate” with the player base. Even though the company stated that they “have read players’ feedback,” and have “circled it back” to the dev team, problems persist among players attempting to report issues with the game.

While it’s great that popular live service mobile games offer new content and features regularly, these additions are nothing without an effective support system. Pokemon Go’s popularity continues to show signs of growth in 2024, but there’s no telling where players will draw the line following one frustrating experience after another.

If the relationship between Niantic and the player base doesn’t improve anytime soon, then Pokemon Go’s future stands on a cracked pedestal and the consequences could be detrimental.

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