Pokemon Go: How to fix Party Challenge frozen screen bug

Joaquín Frere
Party play in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go players encountered a new bug with the Party Play feature, and when all hope seems lost, the fix is easier than you think. So, if you are struggling with a frozen screen when trying to Party Play in PoGo, here’s what you need to do.

The World of Wonders season is here, and the Primal Kyogre & Groudon Raid Days are starting soon, so Pokemon Go players are looking for some co-op play. The way to play with friends on the same map inside Niantic’s AR game is by using the Party Play feature.

Sadly, players have been raising their hands on many bugs that appeared while using the feature, and slamming Niantic on poor development checks. Now, a new bug that freezes the trainers’ screens has surfaced, but hopefully, there’s a workaround.

So, here’s how to fix the stuck on Party Challenge Screen bug in Pokemon Go, which freezes your screen until you follow these steps.

How to fix stuck on Party Challenge screen bug in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go community tried everything to fix the Party Challenge screen freeze bug, such as reinstalling or rebooting the game, but the only known way to fix this bug is to wait until the Party Play time is over.

Pokemon Go Party Play feature.
You can share one hour of coop play with the Party Play feature of Pokemon Go.

When trainers activate the coop feature of Pokemon Go, Party Play, a one-hour timer starts. That’s the total amount of time that players have available to share all the features in stock, and now it has become the only way to fix this bug.

During the Pokemon Go Tour Sinnoh event, the party play feature time limit was extended to eight hours, so a bug like this could’ve affected gameplay on a larger scale. Niantic Support’s X account, which updates trainers with the latest news on bug fixing, is yet to make a statement on this error.

We’ll update this piece as soon as we hear from Niantic or the bug gets patched. For more on Pokemon Go, be sure to check out the rest of our content:

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