“Annoying” Pokemon Go bug forcing account log-in reset leaves players fuming

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go failed to log in error

A frustrating bug in Pokemon Go is taking its toll on trainers as they cannot log into the game or use Adventure Sync properly.

Bugs and glitches seem to have become prominent in Pokemon Go in June 2024, affecting the Go Battle League, Raids, and Poke Ball throws, making it quite a task for players to do something as simple as catching Pokemon.

Now, many trainers can’t even log into the game or use Adventure Sync to hatch Eggs and count Buddy distance. Reddit user ‘Skedding123’ is one such player who has been incredibly troubled by this bug.

They asked, “Anyone else have to CONSTANTLY re-sign in?” in a Reddit post where they shared their woes with game login as well as their Adventure Sync resetting on its own.

The post prompted several users to comment about the problems they’ve been facing as one wrote, “Yes, this has been happening a lot to a lot of people over the last month or so. It’s a bug in the game’s backend authentication system.”

Others replied that these bugs have become very “annoying” to the point that “the game is full of bugs” even as Pokemon Go nears its 8th anniversary, and the issues pop up for both Android and iPhone users.

While some assumed it might be due to a poor internet connection, a trainer mentioned: “It happens to me multiple times a day since a few weeks ago. Before that, it rarely happened when my internet connection was bad.”

Another confirmed that the issues happen several times a day and is normal for a while, before going buggy all over again. Regardless, most agreed that such bugs have become a mainstay since the start of the Shared Skies Season.

With a major event like Go Fest 2024 on the horizon, Pokemon Go fans hope these bugs get sorted ASAP, especially with the grand occasion debuting new shinies such as Jangmo-o and Necrozma.

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