Pokemon Go Kyogre Raid Day extended in all regions due to “server issues”

Lucas Simons
Primal Kyogre

Pokemon Go devs responded to reports of “server issues” ruining Kyogre Raid Day for several players and stated that they intend to extend its duration for all regions.

Pokemon Go has suffered an increase in server issues related to “intense traffic,” especially during the Raid Days and major events, and Pokemon fans all over the world have been reporting that the Kyogre Raid Day was no exception to the rule.

Niantic have answered players’ complaints and decided to extend the duration of the Kyogre Raid Day until 7 PM local time in all regions.

This happened after several players from the AU and Asia regions suffered from repeated crashes, infinite queues, and more log-in related issues.

Despite the already mentioned extended time to compensate for the issues, Pokemon Go players have taken to social media to complain about these game-breaking problems.

According to a Reddit user named ‘ThisWhiteBoyCanJump,’ connectivity issues have caused them to lose Remote Raid Passes, and impeded them from reporting to Niantic about the issues.

Other players have added their own complaints to the many threads being opened as we write this article, which has escalated to hundreds of thousands of players voicing out their frustration regarding the status of the servers.

According to trainers, it might have to do with “overcrowding” of the services, especially during the “peak hour,” that is, one hour before the event ends in the Eastern regions. One of the players stated: “We had no issues until about 4 pm. Lobbies bugging games crashing. I lost a shiny ’cause I balled it then next thing we’re back in raid lobby piece of **** game after so long it should be better hah.”

Meanwhile, another player stated: “Same here in Singapore. Got stuck in 2 of my raids then my whole game crashed and I was stuck, unable to login for at least 10 mins. Catch raid is terrible too.”

So there you have it, if you are about to join the Pokemon Go Primal Kyogre Raid Day event, remember that the time limit for this event has been officially delayed until 7 PM local time.

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