How to heal Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Dragonite and healing items from Pokemon Go

Making a strong team in Pokemon Go is a must to win Raids and Gym Battles. Every battle will harm or knock out your Pokemon, and here’s a guide to reviving and healing Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go lets its players imitate the life of a trainer. You roam around and catch Pokemon, spin Pokestops and Gyms, and battle in Raids, among other things.

While catching your favorite Pokemon is the best moment for any trainer, it is equally important to keep a check on their attributes such as health, IVs, and moves. When taking part in PvP or PvE battles, having a party with three fully healed Pokemon is the bare minimum.

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If you do not know how to heal Pokemon in Pokemon Go, here’s a guide to help you out.

Dragonite fighting AltariaYou cannot heal fainted Pokemon in Pokemon Go without reviving them first.

List of all healing items in Pokemon Go

You can use the following items to heal Pokemon in Pokemon Go:

  • Potion – Restores 20 HP.
  • Super Potion – Restores 50 HP.
  • Hyper Potion – Restores 200 HP.
  • Max Potion – Restores the entire HP of a Pokemon.
  • Revive – Revives fainted Pokemon and restores 50% HP.
  • Max Revive – Revives a fainted Pokemon and restores its maximum HP.

While Potions can help you heal Pokemon that haven’t been knocked out, Revives let you bring back fainted ones that lost all their HP in a battle.

Do note that every healing item in the game has a different effect. Accordingly, use items like Max Potions and Hyper Potions to heal your strongest Pokemon with the highest amount of HP. On the flip side, use Potions and Super Potions to heal Pokemon with lesser HP.

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How to get Potions and Revives in Pokemon Go

If you’re running out of Potions and Revives in Pokemon Go, here are some ways to get more:

  • Leveling up – Pokemon Go players are often rewarded with a wide range of items when they level up. The rewards include healing items like Potions and Revives as well.
  • Pokestops and Gyms– When you spin a nearby Pokestop or a Gym, there’s a 22% chance that it will drop a Potion. The rarity of Potions depends on your level as Pokestops start dropping Potions when you touch Lv. 5, Super Potions at Lv. 10, Hyper Potions at Lv. 15, and Max Potions at Lv. 25.
  • In-game shop – You can buy a bundle of 10 Max Potions from the Pokemon Go shop for 200 Pokecoins. Similarly, a bundle of six Max Revives costs 180 Pokecoins.
  • Defeating Raid bosses – When you win a raid by defeating the boss Pokemon, the rewards usually include Revives.
  • Field Research tasks – Certain Field Research tasks grant Revives and Potions as rewards upon completion.
  • Gifts – Open gifts sent by your in-game friends daily and alongside Pokeballs and berries, you might get a Potion.
Pokemon Go trainer with Wigglytuff and other PokemonThere are multiple ways to get healing items in Pokemon Go.

How to use healing items in Pokemon Go

To heal a Pokemon in Pokemon Go, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Pokemon Go and tap on the Pokeball icon in the middle of the screen.
  2. Go to your in-game inventory by tapping on the bag icon on the right labeled ‘Items’.
  3. The Items section should display the number of Potions and Revives you have. Select the desired item based on your Pokemon’s needs.
  4. A list of Pokemon that can use the selected item will appear. Tap on the one that you want to heal.

If you regularly spin Pokestops and Gyms in Pokemon Go, it is unlikely that you’ll run out of healing items. Another way to farm these healing items is by extensively taking part in Raids but do note that high-tier raids are quite difficult and you won’t be able to defeat the raid bosses alone.

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