Pokemon Go Blaze New Trails event: Dates, Zygarde debut, Research, more

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Pokemon Go RoutesNiantic/The Pokemon Company

With the launch of Routes, Pokemon Go also presents a new event called Blaze New Trails, introducing Zygarde, the order Pokemon. Here’s all you need to know about the event, rewards and how to get Zygarde for your Pokemon Go collection.

The Pokemon Go Blaze New Trails event is starting soon, and with it, the debut of Zygarde and the introduction of Routes, Niantic encourages players to explore alongside the Pokemon Go community.

During the Blaze New Trails event, you will be able to “chart a course” to follow, and as you do, you will be able to receive certain bonuses. You will also be able to encounter certain highlighted Pokemon.

There’s also a Special Research story to get Zygarde for your team. Here’s all you need to know about the Pokemon Go Blaze New Trails event.

Pokemon Go Blaze New Trails event Dates

The Pokemon Go Blaze New Trails event will start on July 21 at 10 AM and end on July 24 at 8 PM local time.

The Blaze New Trails event in Pokemon Go will be a community event held to celebrate exploration, collaboration, and friendship.

Pokemon Go Blaze New Trails event Debuts

Zygarde will be introduced during the Pokemon Go Blaze New Trails event. According to the official site, players must complete a Special Research story titled “From A to Zygarde” in order to encounter it and catch it.

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Zygarde 3 forms Pokemon GoNiantic/The Pokemon Company
These are the three shapes that Zygarde can take, depending on its Cell Count.

For those not so familiar with Zygarde, it is a Legendary Ground/Dragon type Pokemon introduced in Generation 6. It is composed of Cells and a Nucleus, and in its 10 % form, it takes the shape of a dog. In its 50% form, it takes the shape of a dragon-like snake. When it reaches a complete form, it takes a humanoid/dragon-like shape.

Pokemon Go Blaze New Trails event wild encounters

During the Pokemon Go Blaze New Trails event, the following Pokemon will have more frequent wild encounters:

  • Growlithe
  • Ponyta
  • Doduo
  • Lillipup
  • Blitzle
  • Yungoos

There’s also an increased chance for them to be Shiny.

Hatched 7 km Eggs during the event will have more chances to spawn:

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  • Rockruff
  • Skwovet
  • Falinks

And they can be Shiny too, if you are lucky enough.

Additionally, when you complete Field Research tasks, the Spawning Reward will feature Yungoos, with a higher chance for it to be Shiny.

Pokemon Go Blaze New Trails event from From A to Zygarde Special Research

Here are all the steps for the new Pokemon Go ‘A to Zygarde’ Special Research story and its rewards.

The steps and rewards have been provided by LeekDuck, but we’ll be sure to let you know once they’re officially confirmed by Niantic.

Step 1/6

Walk 1 kmPinap Berry x5
Catch 10 PokemonPotion x5
Use 5 Berries to help catch PokemonPoke Ball x5
Final rewards500 Stardust

Step 2/6

Make 5 Great ThrowsRazz Berry x10
Power up Pokemon 5 timesNanab Berry x10
Hatch an EggPoke Ball x10
Final rewards1000 Stardust

Step 3/6

Claim rewardGreat Ball x10
Claim rewardSuper Potion x10
Claim reward100 Stardust
Final rewardZygarde Encounter and Zygarde Cube

Step 4/6

Follow 3 RoutesIncense x1
Catch 20 Pokemon while following RoutesRevive x3
Find a Zygarde CellUltra Ball x5
Final reward1000 XP & Stardust

Step 5/6

Use an Incense while following a RouteGreat Ball x15
Earn 3 Candies walking with your buddy1500 Stardust
Follow 5 RoutesUltra Ball x10
Final Reward2000 XP

Step 6/6

Claim rewardStar Piece x1
Claim reward2000 XP
Claim rewardGolden Razz Berry x1
Final reward2500 XP & Stardust
Zygarde Cells Pokemon GoNiantic/The Pokemon Company
Zygarde Cells will spawn spontaneously across the map.

Zygarde Cells will be collected in a device called Zygarde Cube, which will allow players to change Zygarde between forms. We’ll let you know the details once we know more.

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Pokemon Go Blaze New Trails event bonuses

When exploring with your Buddy Pokemon during the Pokemon Go Blaze New Trails event, you will benefit from the following bonus:

  • 2/3 distance to earn Buddy Candy while exploring Routes with your buddy.

At the same time, there’s a higher chance for Shiny Yungoos to appear in normal spawns all across the map.

What are Routes in Pokemon Go?

Using the new Routes feature, where other players can mark a Trail for you to follow. Pokemon Go players can share their routes with other members of the community and collect even more rewards.

Exploring Routes will grant daily XP bonuses, additional Buddy Hearts, more Buddy Candy, Route Badges, and Increased Incense duration.

Players that follow other players’ Routes will benefit from more encounters from Regional Pokemon, the decreased time for Buddy Candy yield, and even getting a chance to find Zygarde Cells on their trails. So eyes up, trainers.

We will keep you informed if more details about the Pokemon Go Blaze New Trails event. For more guides and content about Pokemon Games, you can also check out:

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