Pokemon Go players call for new team heal methods

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Healing items are one of the most sought-after items in Pokemon Go, and players have been complaining about their drops decreasing as they level up. Here’s what the community thinks about this issue.

For trainers trying Pokemon Go for the first time, the game can be a little bit confusing. It lacks most of the traditional features of a Pokemon game, and instead, has a lot of particular gimmicks, such as PokeStops, Elite Charge TMs, and Incenses, among others.

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Healing items are some of the most critical resources in Pokemon Go, and having a surplus of them can make the difference between having a good time, or having hundreds of weakened Pokemon, known as “healing creep.”

So, it is no surprise that more and more players ask the community for good ways to farm critical resources, including healing items. This was posted in the Pokemon Go subreddit, and the community shared their thoughts on the ups and downs of healing items.

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Reddit user ‘BazzaSolid’s’ question about how to farm healing items and other Pokemon Go critical resources was received with enthusiastic advice, but also, sparked a heated debate on why healing items are so rare to find.

Most of the players pointed out that Healing Items become exponentially scarce as you level up. Since more experienced players usually face more and more PvE challenges, this issue leaves their Pokemon wounded all the time.

A Pokemon Go player thought of the perfect solution for this issue and suggested that devs should add Pokemon Centers: “It would be so cool to go to a Pokemon center to heal the team!,” they commented.

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This player’s idea got solid approval from most of the community members, who also shared some ideas on how to balance this possible new feature. “You could make Pokemon Centers heal your Pokemon in exchange for berries, that way you don’t need to introduce a new currency.”

But not all players agree on this enthusiastic fan’s idea, as one of them said: “You’re just giving Niantic an excuse to bring new paywalls into the game.”

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So there you have it, that’s what Pokemon Go trainers think about healing items in the game. For more information about the world of Pokemon, you can also check what these players think about Hisuian Decidueye becoming the Superb-Owl, and here’s what this fan did with the power of frienship.

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